Giorgio Riello

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Project Title: 

Early Consumption: 18th century British, French and North American Shoes

Riello’s research at the ROM contributed to the completion of his PhD thesis, “The Boot and Shoe Trade in London and Paris in the Long Eighteenth Century: An International Perspective,” by supporting his historical analysis of shoemaking in 18th-century France and Britain with a close analysis of the extant shoes of the time in the ROM’s collection. He produced a detailed survey (including information on the use of labels, the sizes, styles, methods and materials of production, etc.) of the shoes in the process. He intended to construct a new methodology with his object-based study which incorporated both consumption--objects as commodities--and production within the same theoretical framework. 

About the Fellow: 

Giorgio Riello was working towards his PhD at the University of London with his thesis, “The Boot and Shoe Trade in London and Paris in the Long Eighteenth Century. An International Perspective.” He had previously earned a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Venice. Currently, he is Professor of Global History and Culture at the University of Warwick and Chair of the Pasold Research Fund.

Related Publications: 

Peter McNeil and Giorgio Riello, “Walking the Streets of London and Paris in the Enlightenment,” chapter 4 in Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers, eds. Giorgio Riello and Peter McNeil. Berg: 2011.

Authored by: Kait Sykes

Authored by: Kait Sykes