For these curators, climate change is personal

ROM’s curators on fast fashion, fieldwork, and sustainability.

From measuring the warming of our atmosphere and oceans to marking the changing patterns of life on Earth, thousands of scientists are working closely with massive amounts of data from innumerable fields around the world. And they have all come to the same conclusion: that we are changing the climate of our planet. 

In order to effectively combat climate change, we need to first learn how to talk about it. We need to learn how to tell our stories of how climate change has affected us, and our lives—not because these stories or anecdotes have scientific value or weight to them, but because they have social and emotional value.  

Sharing our perspectives helps us make sense of the monumental change that we are living through right now. Our stories help us grapple with what can appear to be an unsurmountable issue, and they help us understand how we can be agents of change. 

Watch ROM curators talk about what climate change means to them, and how it has directly influenced the work that they do at home and around the world.