Guidelines for Requesting Loans

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) actively supports and participates in a vibrant national and international loans program. Ensuring ROM's collections are seen and enjoyed widely throughout Canada and around the world is an integral part of our mission.

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ROM welcomes requests for loans from its collections from recognized professional institutions in Canada and internationally for the purposes of exhibition, research, public programming and education. All loans are subject to approvals in accordance with ROM policy.

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Requesting a Loan

All loan requests should be submitted on letterhead to the attention of Josh Basseches, Director & CEO, Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2C6 or

Please include the following information in the requested letter:

  • Title of the exhibition, exhibition dates and requested loan period
  • Description of the exhibition
  • Explanation on how the objects contribute to the exhibition. If not for an exhibition, explain the reason for the loan request
  • List of the requested object(s), with ROM accession number(s) if possible (refer to ROM on-line collection for accession numbers) or reach out to
  • Contact information for the borrower’s loan coordinator or representative
  • Recent copy (within 2 years) of the borrower’s standard Facility Report with proposed exhibition floorplan
  • Details, dates and standard Facility Report for any subsequent venues (if applicable)

Loan requests should be submitted at least twelve (12) months prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Loan Review Process

Once receiving the request, ROM will send a letter of acknowledgement. The requesting institution will be provided with loan conditions and object requirements. They may also be asked to provide additional information throughout the process.

All loan requests are subject to an internal approvals process which includes a review of the requested objects to ensure their availability for the proposed period, suitability for the proposed project, physical integrity to withstand transit, handling and exhibition. Immunity from seizure may be required in certain circumstances. The approval process also includes a review of the requestor’s Facility Report and other aspects of the loan request. All loans are subject to approval in accordance with ROM’s loans policy. 

The requesting institution will be notified in writing about the decision of their loan request. If successful, a formal written loan agreement will be issued between ROM and the requesting institution. This loan agreement between ROM and the borrower outlines all conditions, obligations and expectations with regard to the loan and loan material. 

Fees and Expenses

The borrower is responsible for all costs associated with the loan which may include, but are not limited to packing, crating, conservation, framing, mounting, shipping, insurance and administration fee.

Please contact the Registration Department at with any questions.