Goddess Exposed: the ROM’s ‘Minoan’ Goddess is on display!

Posted: September 23, 2014 - 14:19 , by ROM
ROM 'Minoan' Goddess now on display

She’s been languishing  in the Greek & Roman storerooms for years, but finally the ROM Minoan Goddess is back on display.

For a limited time you can see this tiny ivory figurine, an old favourite of the ROM’s Bronze Age Aegean collection, but now often thought to be a modern fake.  An interactive screen beside the showcase will help you explore the story of Goddess in more depth – how she came to the museum, why she’s thought to be ancient by some and modern by others, and what new research we’ve been doing at the ROM to resolve the issue. This will be updated with breaking news as the investigation continues.

ROM Preparators install the Goddess in the galleryROM Preparators install the Goddess in the gallery

You’ll also be able to follow the story at home through the website research pages where you can see the latest discoveries, watch videos, and leave comments.  

Come and judge for yourself whether you think the Goddess is a Minoan Mystery or a Modern Masterpiece. Find her in the Eaton Gallery of Rome corridor on Level 3, just beside the West Stairs.

The new ROM Goddess exhibitionThe new ROM Goddess display

Even a small display like this involves lots of people throughout the museum. I’d like to thank the many ROM staff who made this possible:

Julia Fenn (Conservation), Paul Denis & Kay Sunahara (DWC, Greek & Roman), Steven Laurie, Mary Montgomery, Bill Hodgkinson & Chloe Silver (Project Management & Preparation), Cheryl Fraser & Alyssa McLeod (Web), Randy Dreager (Media Productions), Christine Caroppo & Dominique Picouet (Interpretive Planning), Rae Ostman (former MD ROM Ancient Cultures), Dan Rahimi (former VP Exhibitions & Programs).