Spring Family Fun Days at the ROM!

Explore Ideas from the Ancient World to the Space Age this Spring with Activities of Interest for the Entire Family

This year the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) kicks off its Family Fun Days on April 14, 2012. The spring weekends at the ROM welcome families for a variety of activities that will run almost every weekend until June 10, 2012. The entire family will enjoy interactive demonstrations, walking in the footsteps of a mighty T-Rex, meeting archaeologists, taking a giant leap to the moon, decoding a message in hieroglyphs, learning about incredible insects and mammals, learning to play ‘knucklebones’ like the ancient Romans and more. All activities are included in Museum general admission and run from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The following schedule includes a description of these fun packed weekends at the ROM:

April 14 – 15: Archaeology Weekend

Meet real archaeologists and let them show you treasures they’ve dug up as they explain the importance of these discoveries. Meet Viking re-enactors as they take you into the distant past. Get up close to objects rarely seen outside the Museum's vaults, and try your hand at being an archaeologist as you learn some of the skills they use in the field. Let’s Dig!

April 28 – 29: Dinosaur Weekend

What was it like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and where did they all go? Here's your chance to find out. Walk in the footsteps of a mighty T-Rex or lumbering Barosaurus. Touch real fossils, speak to our palaeontology experts, and make your own hadrosaur headdress to take home. Dinos Rule!

May 5 – 6: Space Expedition Weekend

Prepare to be star struck as you discover the fascinating phenomena from the sky above. Take a giant leap to the moon, get your hands on a space rock, navigate the night sky in our mini-planetarium, and imagine a world beyond our planet by learning the latest in space exploration.

May 12 – 13: Ancient Egypt Weekend

Celebrate Mother’s Day with our mummies and learn about one of the most famous mothers of the ancient world – Isis! Unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt by exploring our mummies, decoding hieroglyphs, learning the merits of eye paint first-hand, and brushing away the sands of time in our Egyptian Dig!

May 19 – 20: Awesome Animal Weekend

Awaken your wild side by learning all about the diversity of animal life. Incredible insects, magnificent mammals, and rockin' reptiles are some of the cool creatures you'll meet this weekend. Make your own animal masks, meet live animals, hear animal tales from around the world, and see how you can help to protect animal habitats every day.

June 9 – 10: Ancient Rome and Greece

Explore the ancient empires of Rome and Greece. Learn how these ancient cultures dominated the Mediterranean world and continue to influence our daily lives. See demonstrations and displays of arms and armour, try your hand at Roman archery, make a lucky "bulla", create your own mosaic, learn the game of "knucklebones", and more! Bring out the Spartan or Centurion in you this weekend at the ROM!