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Paradis ou Enfer: images d'immortels et de divinités bouddhistes et taoïstes

Regard fascinant sur les divinités bouddhistes et taoïstes, Paradis ou Enfer puise dans la collection du ROM afin de présenter des peintures et des estampes, dont certaines n’ont encore jamais été présentées au public. S’échelonnant du Xe au XXe siècle, ces œuvres dépeignent les

Arts et design italiens: Le XXe siècle

Viva Italia! Découvrez toute la passione que renferment les créations de Pucci, la bella émanant des réalisations de Bulgari et la dynamique « va-va-voom » des Vespa. Cette exposition exceptionnelle explore les stratégies complexes et multiples par le biais desquelles les architectes,

Carlos Garaicoa

Carlos Garaicoa est l’un des principaux artistes cubains d’aujourd’hui. Son œuvre est représentative d’une génération, née sous le régime de Fidel Castro, qui a connu la fin du communisme soviétique et le tarissement de l’aide économique qui a suivi la chute de l’Union

ROM Archaeology Weekend

ROM Archaeology Weekend

ROM Ancient Cultures is getting ready for Archaeology Weekend, April 13-14, 11am-3pm at the museum. At this Family Fun event, ROM experts will be on hand to tell you about their work excavating sites and studying ancient cultures all around the world. You’ll also get a glimpse of what happens

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

The legacy of the Ancient Egyptian culture has left its mark through the centuries. From religion to architecture to fashion, its influence is epic and our fascination with this ancient civilization, so exotic and mysterious, remains strong even today.  Follow the history of Ancient Egypt over


Natural Mummies North Africa is very hot and dry. The Sahara would stretch right across from near the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea if not for the Nile River. The Nile has allowed people to live in Egypt and develop a great civilization. The dark rich soil deposited by the annual flood, the


Amulets Amulets are very much like lucky charms. They are personal ornaments, worn by the living, or placed on the bodies of the dead to bring the blessings of particular deities. Because of their shapes, or colours, or the materials of which they were made, amulets were believed to help to protect

Arts & Artisans

Artisans If you are poor, serve a man of worth, That all your conduct may be well with the god.-- Ptahhotep Skilled craftsmen were responsible for creating and decorating temples, and the tombs and houses of the wealthy. They enjoyed many privileges, among them, the possibility of a proper burial.

Life in Ancient Egypt

Aristocrats A man of means-what is he like? Your name is good, you are not maligned, Your body is sleek, your face benign.-- Ptahhotep Old Kingdom Egyptian aristocracy consisted of local rulers and high officials. Their wealth came from their landholdings. Many would have been relatives of the