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Avril est le mois de la biodiversité

Biodiversité: la richesse de la vie. Grâce à nos cinq millions de spécimens,nos recherches dans le monde entier (plus de 25 pays), le ROM découvre de nouvelles espèces et comprend les relations entre toutes les formes de vie. En avril, venez parler à nos scientifiques,apprendre à connaître

À propos du Musée

Le Musée royal de l’Ontario (ROM) compte parmi les grands musées internationaux consacrés à l’histoire naturelle et aux cultures du monde. Musée universel voué aux civilisations et à l’histoire naturelle, le ROM propose une gamme de savoirs hors du commun aux visiteurs venant du monde

Mounds of Creation

Mounds of Creation Mounds of Creation were one of were many kinds of temples in the Age of the Pyramids. Some, such as the sanctuary of Khnum at Elephantine, or the Sacred Precinct at Nekhen, were ancient places where rocks and stones marked out a sacred site. In several towns, a special Mound of

Priestly Titles

Priestly Titles Whatever we know about particular people in the Age of the Pyramids, we usually know from the inscriptions in their tombs. It was rare for a person to write something that we would recognized as a biography, with details of education and life events, but most tomb-owners would list


Priests During the Age of the Pyramids, many high officials, scribes, and craftsmen held titles that expressed a connection between the tomb owner and a temple or the cult of a god. Few people, however, were full-time ritual practitioners; one month in ten seems to have been the usual length of

Pyramid Texts

  Pyramid Texts The Pyramid Texts are the oldest collection of religious writings in the world. The oldest copies we have are about four thousand four hundred years old, but most scholars believe that the prayers themselves are much older. They may have existed in spoken and sung forms since early

Royal Mortuary Temples

Royal Mortuary Temples Royal Mortuary Temples were associated with pyramids. In them, the king was worshiped while he was alive and after he was dead. The ceremonies in these temples may have given worship to the king so that he could direct this worship to the gods. The royal mortuary cults were

Sun Temples

Sun Temples Sun Temples were built during the Fifty Dynasty to honour the god Re. They are evidence for the growth in importance of this god. Though all the Sun Temples are in ruins now, enough remains of their decoration to show that the beauty of the natural world was celebrated in these places.


Temples Archaeology is essential to our attempts to understand ancient temples and the religion that once animated them. Because temples were often built with beautiful stone and fine columns of red granite from Aswan, most have been dismantled and the building materials recycled. Mud-bricks which

Tomb Inscriptions & Curses

Tomb Inscriptions and Curses Most inscriptions in tombs tell the name of the deceased, and list his or her titles. Sometimes the inscription also tells us the names of the tomb owner's parents. Very few tell us of the events of a person's life, though some Sixth Dynasty tombs, such as