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Susan Horvath

Susan Horvath is a seasoned philanthropic executive with diverse leadership experience in the healthcare, education and research sectors. As President and CEO of the ROM Governors, Susan is responsible for all philanthropic, sponsorship and stewardship programs, and governance of the foundation.


ROM Governors The ROM Board of Governors is a federally incorporated private sector Board, responsible for the ROM’s long-term financial health and for the growth and management of its financial assets (endowments, capital and flow-through funds).  Robert E. Pierce Board Chairman Partner,

ROM Governors Mandate

Our Mission: To be a world-class fundraising organization, inspiring support and ensuring long-term sustainability for the ROM. Our Vision: Ensuring wonder and discovery at the ROM for generations to come. Our Values: Accountability: Responsible fundraising, transparent reporting. Engagement:

ROM Biodiversity

ROM Biodiversity

Biodiversity means life.  It includes every living thing, from mosquitoes to rhinoceros to giant redwoods. Biodiversity also refers to the complex interactions among living things: it is the interconnected web of living systems, ranging from microscopic life on a single leaf of a tree to the

The Ten Commandments

A rare opportunity to stand in the presence of some of the most powerful words ever written. The Ten Commandments Scroll contains the text of the Ten Commandments from Deuteronomy 5 and is the world’s oldest and best preserved of all the Deuteronomy manuscripts discovered. A biblical scroll, it

Out of the Vaults: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

Journey to the afterlife through the mystical Book of the Dead of Amen-em-hat. Books of the Dead are funerary manuscripts created by Ancient Egyptians during their lifetime, containing instructions to help the deceased in the afterlife. Learn about the haunting “weighing of the heart” judgment

Brilliant Strokes: Chinese Paintings from the Mactaggart Art Collection

This exhibition highlights a group of magnificent Chinese paintings selected from the Mactaggart Art Collection, one of the most important collections of Chinese paintings and textiles in Canada. On display for the first time in Ontario, Brilliant Strokes consists of 17 works spanning the 15th

Beyond the Rhythm: Caribana Art Exhibit

Celebrate African-Canadian heritage through a captivating collection of 50 works of art created by 25 artists inspired by cultures from around the world. As a collective response to Beyond to Rhythm, a poem written by guest curator Joan Butterfield, the juried exhibition serves as a celebration of

A Fossil Paradise: The Discovery of the Burgess Shale by Charles D. Walcott

One hundred years ago a discovery was made that drastically changed our view of the history of life on Earth. The ROM presents A Fossil Paradise: The Discovery of the Burgess Shale by Charles D. Walcott explores the Burgess Shale’s early excavations, including vintage panoramic photos, site