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NEW Discovery: A Bone-headed Dinosaur the size of a Dog

This week the prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications reported the discovery of a new species of dinosaur, Acrotholus audeti.  It is the oldest bone-headed dinosaur ever unearthed in North America. The unusual dog-sized, plant-eating dinosaur was discovered by palaeontologists Dr.

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COPRÉSIDENTE Présidente de Savira Arts & Associates, Wende Cartwright était la directrice de l’Olympiade culturelle pour les Jeux olympiques de 2010 à Vancouver. Avant la tenue des Jeux, elle a été directrice générale du Conservatoire royal de musique, directrice de projet pour le

Korea Reception

by John-Michael Poon From ceramics to porcelain and from calligraphy to painting, the beauty of Korean culture and art is renowned for its simple aesthetic and pureness of form. The ROM has been a long-time steward of an impressive collection of works from Korea. Now, thanks to a partnership with

Explorers' Club kids get a sneak peak at the newest Animal Explorer

Explorers' Club kids get a sneak peak at the newest Animal Explorer

Submitted by Courtney Murfin, Interpretive Planner and Explorers' Club Co-chair This past Saturday, ROM members went wild at the Explorers' Club's spring event. A day of crafts, live creatures, cool ROM specimens and special programming brought Explorers closer to nature and