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The following policies, developed by the Department of Museum Volunteers (DMV) and approved by its Board of Directors, set out our principles of governance, vision, mission, objectives and values. In addition, they define the expectations of membership, administrative practice and communications,

Volunteer Opportunities

There are seven areas at the Royal Ontario Museum where you may volunteer. Learn more about the ROM's commitment to its volunteers here.

Media Kit: About the ROM

Media kit materials are available for download as PDF documents. Introduction to the ROM (PDF) ROM Director & CEO, Josh Basseches (PDF) Collections and Research (PDF) ROM History (PDF) ROM Galleries (PDF) ROM Public Spaces (PDF)  

Travelling Exhibitions

What is a Travelling Exhibition? Imagine the wonder, excitement and knowledge found within our galleries, packaged in display cases and crates, which then travel all over Canada to be seen by hundreds of thousands of eager visitors. Travelling exhibitions bring the ROM’s collections, research and

Arts of China

  Do you ever wonder about the significance of the Chinese dragon? This and other questions are answered in Arts of China. Chinese history, culture, and classic traditions come to life through the exploration of three materials closely associated with China: jade, bronze, and ceramics. Six themed

Canada at Play: 100 Years of Games, Toys and Sports

                  Classics never die. In the dead of winter or the heat of summer, outside or inside, Canadian children have always worked hard to have fun! This exhibition takes a look at our favourite games and toys over the past 130 years. Despite the 20th century’s astonishing

Egypt, Gift of the Nile

Explore an ancient civilization that flourished for thousands of years. The Nile River Valley of 5,000 years ago was the birthplace of a remarkable civilization. Protected from foreign invasion by vast deserts and sustained by fertile soil along the river, the ancient Egyptians developed from a

Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia

      Discover the beauty of ornament... Learn about the artistic styles, craftsmanship, and craft traditions of South Asia's many culturally diverse regions. This newest addition to the roster of travelling exhibitions also explores the interaction between South Asia and the rest of the

Iroquois Beadwork: Through the Voices of Beads

See Iroquois beadworks, both historical and contemporary, and learn how this art still flourishes. Iroquois beadworkers play a vital role in preserving cultural beliefs. The Iroquois were quick to adapt European-made cloth and glass beads to their own artistic traditions developed over many

Listen to the Night: Bats of Ontario

      Get up close and personal with these misunderstood mammals! This exhibition explores the elusive creatures that fly around in the Ontario night, intriguing for their mysterious combination of bird-and mammal-like qualities. Objects of human fascination, bats have inhabited the night skies