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Iroquois Beadwork: Through the Voices of Beads

See Iroquois beadworks, both historical and contemporary, and learn how this art still flourishes. Iroquois beadworkers play a vital role in preserving cultural beliefs. The Iroquois were quick to adapt European-made cloth and glass beads to their own artistic traditions developed over many

Listen to the Night: Bats of Ontario

      Get up close and personal with these misunderstood mammals! This exhibition explores the elusive creatures that fly around in the Ontario night, intriguing for their mysterious combination of bird-and mammal-like qualities. Objects of human fascination, bats have inhabited the night skies

Hands-on Nature

Discover biodiversity! Preserving the diversity of life on Earth is not only beneficial, but also essential to humanity. Learn about the different subject areas of biodiversity, such as the broad perspective of habitats, the relationships between species within food webs, and the gene pools of

Northern Owls

Fix your gaze on these mystical birds of prey! This exhibition provides an experience of owls: creatures that are active at night and secretive during the day. Eleven beautifully-mounted owl specimens are featured in small settings suggestive of their northern natural habitats. Each display focuses

Seeds in Disguise: The Biology and Lore of Ornamental Seeds

Explore the ordinary... Seeds are all around us: we eat them; we plant them; they parachute from dandelions; they catch in the dog’s coat or on your socks; they drop from the trees; and sometimes they even hang around your neck. This exhibition features ornamental seeds “disguised” as beads

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Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants of Gondwana On now for a limited time “Forget about the dinosaurs you know… this is a whole new breed of beast” Observance and Memorial: Photographs from S-21, Cambodia Until March 10, 2013 This new exhibition presents one hundred photographic prints made from

Galerie de la Fondation A.G. Leventis: La Chypre antique

Galerie de la Fondation A.G. Leventis: La Chypre antique

Carrefour de la Méditerranée orientale Regorgeant de richesses naturelles, l’île de Chypre se situe à la jonction de l’Orient et de l’Occident. Depuis l’âge du bronze jusqu’à la période hellénistique, le commerce avec Chypre – et le contrôle de cette île – revêtaient une

Galerie Mgr White d'art des temples chinois

Galerie Mgr White d'art des temples chinois

Le paradis de Maitreya, cette magnifique murale qui domine la galerie, provient d’un ancien monastère bouddhiste chinois et date de plus de sept siècles. C’est l’époque de Kubilaï khan, de la dynastie des Yuan et des chroniques des premiers voyageurs européens en Chine – notamment