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Hamra Abbas: Read

Hamra Abbas’ versatile artistic practice straddles a wide range of media, from paper collage and painting to ephemeral soft Plasticine sculpture and video. Her works often take a playful look towards widely accepted traditions. By appropriating culturally loaded imagery and iconography, and

Green Porno: Scandalous Sea

Experience the world premiere of three short films among a series written by and starring internationally-known actress and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini. These two- to four-minute films are a humourously entertaining yet scientifically accurate portrayal of the reproductive habits and ecological

Canadian Content: Portraits by Nigel Dickson

Nigel Dickson is an international award-winning photographer whose work has been published over the past thirty years in numerous magazines, from Saturday Night to Esquire, Fortune, Newsweek and Rolling Stone. Presented by the Institute for Contemporary Culture, Canadian Content: Portraits by Nigel

Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008

Vanity Fair Portraits brings together a star-studded array of almost 150 iconic photographs from both its vintage period and modern periods. The exhibition is divided into two parts, 1913-36, the magazine’s early period, and 1983 to the present. This glamorous photographic history of portraiture

Kings of Punjab

The Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery hosts a special temporary display of two life-size portraits of historical kings of the state of Punjab in north-western India. Hanging in the “Home & the World” section, the oil-on-canvas paintings by established portrait artist Manu Kaur

Fakes and Forgeries: Yesterday and Today

Learn to spot the differences between fakes and real artifacts that run the gamut from Natural History and World Cultures, to modern designer brands in this fascinating, interactive exhibition. Visitors of all ages are invited to guess which Museum artifacts are real and which are clever fakes.

Sebastião Salgado: GENESIS

North American Premiere Februaary 1, 2012 to September 2, 2013 (CLOSED) Roloff Beny Gallery, Michael Lee Crystal, Level 4 a nd Centre Block, Level 3 Genesis by internationally renowned photojournalist Sebastião Salgado makes its North American premiere at the ROM, organized by Amazonas images,

Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World

Closed Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall, Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Level 2B Ancient Mesopotamia The world we live in was born in Mesopotamia more than 3,000 years ago. Home to the world’s first great cities, the land “between the rivers” is the birthplace of writing, of codified laws, of urban

Cut/Paste: Creative Reuse in Canadian Design

In this unique new exhibition, creative agency Motherbrand explores the idea of creative reuse, recycling and upscaling in Canadian design. Reaching back to indigenous design and the improvised solutions of early pioneers, through to recent work from designers Tobias Wong, Douglas Coupland and

House Calls with my Camera

  Toronto physician Dr. Mark Nowaczynski captures the lives of his patients in a poignant series of photo essays.  House Calls with my Camera  focuses on four at-risk individuals, providing insight not only into seniors' quality of life and the subjects' personal stories, but an