April Hawkins

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April Hawkins

New World Archaeology Technician

Area: World Cultures, Ancient Cultures, Canada

Interests: Birdstones, Ontario Archaeology, Archaeometry, Maya jade, Crowdsourcing


Hello and welcome to my staff page here at the Royal Ontario Museum. My job at the museum is amazing because I have the honour of caring for the some of the most incredible artifacts from the western hemisphere. I am responsible for taking care of the New World Archaeology collection at the ROM, which is comprised of archaeology collected by the ROM from the western hemisphere for the past 100 years. There are some great stories about this amazing collection of 200,000 artifacts and I love sharing them as I work.

I grew up south of Chicago in Champaign, Illinois and was the first person in my family to go to university. I attended University of Illinois and Harvard. I became fascinated with archaeology at 16 for the physical challenge of digging all day long and I immediately got hooked. I have conducted fieldwork in Kenya, Tanzania, and across North America with the Army Corps of Engineers and Smithsonian museums.

Currently I manage the New World Archaeology collection here at the ROM, and every day brings an interesting new challenge. The artifacts under my care get the best treatment possible. I enjoy sharing the collection stories with students and the public, especially when it compels them to challenge their own beliefs. And I supervise three University of Toronto archaeology students in collections management. I'm also the mother of two awesome kids who love archaeology, ages 4 and 6, who helped to inspire the LEGO pyramid building activity that reached 5000 kids in Toronto over March Break, 2013.

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