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Ushering in the year of the dragon in the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity

A sneak peak at our new komodo dragon before the work begins With the start of the Chinese New Year, all thoughts are on dragons – the presiding animal zodiac for this lunar year. Unlike many European mythologies where dragons are menacing villains, the dragon zodiac represents wealth, prosperity

Meteorite of the month: Springwater pallasite

The world's largest specimen of the Springwater pallasite meteorite. This is the first blog in a new series, Meteorite of the Month, that will feature meteorite specimens from the museums outstanding collection. We will also be putting up a Mineral and a Gem each month so there’s something

Unearthing the oldest dinosaur nesting site

Fig. 1. Reconstruction of a Massospondyus nesting site. Courtesy J. Csotonyi Today, an international team that includes leader University of Toronto at Mississauga palaeontologist Dr. Robert Reisz and myself announced the discovery of the oldest known dinosaur nesting site, detailed in a article

Will the World Ever End?

Submitted by Conrad Biernacki, ROM Programs Manager  A few weeks ago, Stephen Hawking’s advice to humankind—his gift to us on his 70 th birthday—was a very serious request that we must colonize other planets as soon as possible. Does he know something we don’t? He’s hoping, of course,

Opening a Can of Ancient Worms

David M. Rudkin, Assistant Curator in Invertebrate Palaeontology, will be presenting at the upcoming  ROM Research Colloquium – join us on February 3 at 11:30am in the Signy & Cléophée Eaton Theatre to hear more about An Embarrassment of Worms: Fossil Priapulida from the Silurian of

Baby bison are found, four Canadian girls win experience of a lifetime

Kids loved the mystery of the lost baby bison. They searched the 285 hectares of the Toronto Zoo. They inspected the great halls, galleries and dark corners of the Royal Ontario Museum. They probed the online world of Bison Collaborative websites. They left no stone unturned. They were dedicated,

Taking care of meteorites

Brendt C. Hyde, Mineralogy Technician will be presenting at the upcoming  ROM Research Colloquium – join us on February 3 at 4:30pm in the Signy & Cléophée Eaton Theatre to hear more about The Study of Meteorites – Science versus Conservation. What are you going to talk about at the

Canada is like an Old Cow

Submitted by Conrad Biernacki, ROM Programs Manager Tommy Douglas once said, “Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it’s doing in the Maritimes.” This vivid imagery has got to inspire you to find out more about this famous

Mobile Interpretation in Museums

Learn about the latest research and discoveries happening at the ROM and mark your calendars for the 33rd annual ROM Research Colloquium coming up on February 3, 2012. Ryan Dodge is the Acquisitions Technician in the Library as well an active member of the ROM’s Social Media team. Here, he tells

Russian Space Probe will Crash to Earth this Week!

Contributed by Brendt C. Hyde and Ian Nicklin. The Russian space probe Phobos-Grunt was all set to journey to a moon of Mars called Phobos. It was going to collect samples from the moon and return them to Earth. Unfortunately, the mission ended before it could even begin. The probe was launched in