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On the Shoulders of Giants – Phil Currie at the ROM on Oct. 7th

First introduced to dinosaurs through a plastic toy in a cerealbox, renowned palaeontologist Philip J. Currie embarked on a life-long journey to study these creatures of the past. Last year, he had a museum named after him—the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Alberta—and this year he joined

Life in the ROM DNA Lab

By Oliver Haddrath, Ornithology Technician DNA testing over the last 30 years has revolutionized many different fields ranging from health care to law enforcement to the study of human civilization and natural history.  The ROM was quick to adopt techniques such as DNA sequencing and genetic

#5Reasons for our Mediaeval Fair!

Five reasons why our Mediaeval Fair (September 29/30) is going to be awesome! The Mediaeval Fair at the ROM (running this weekend on September 29/30) has become a bit of a tradition over the years. It’s just fun. ROM staff and Medieval reenactors get all dressed up and talk about all things

ROM Mycologists in the field

Posting by Kirstin Bourne Mushroom season has only just started and already ROM mycologists have been out in the field conducting research and searching for new specimens to add to the museum collection. Last week I got the chance to join Jean-Marc Moncalvo, the ROM’s Senior Curator of Mycology,

A surprise photograph from India

Mystery portrait in the ROM's collection, later revealed to be Sunder Shyam Chadha in the film “Chhottii Babhi,” 1951 Painted photograph sent by the Friendship Force of Nashik, Dilip Kumar in the film "Ram Aur Shyam," 1967 In 2011, I curated the exhibit Embellished Reality:

Gem of the Month: Canadian Diamonds

Posting by Brendt Hyde, Mineralogy Technician The discovery of diamonds in the 1990’s marked a beginning for Canada’s first diamond mine, the Ekati Diamond Mine, located in the Northwest Territories.  It also marked the beginning of the, still relatively young, diamond mining industry in

Words in Images

By Ka Bo Tsang, Assistant Curator – Chinese Paintings & Textiles Most people think of Chinese painting as artwork created by artists using special brushes in combination with ink and colour pigments to give shape to ideas on paper or silk through the adroit manipulation of lines, dots, and

Exclusive Interview with World Renowned Palaeontologist Paul Sereno

ROM: Hi Paul, we are thrilled that you are coming to speak at the ROM this Sunday and we would love it if you could answer a couple of questions in advance as we prepare for your arrival. I understand you studied art and biology at Northern Illinois University. How did you go from that to becoming

Paul Sereno is coming to the ROM!

Paul Sereno, one of my FAVOURITE palaeontologists, is coming to @ROMToronto this Sunday and I could not be be MORE excited. Except for maybe those times when I was a kid… (cue time travel sound effect- swosh swish swash) When I was a kid I had a pretty strict bed time. For grades 3 through 5,

Curiosity Makes Tracks on Mars

Posting by Brendt Hyde, Mineralogy Techncian   By 1:30 A.M. on August 6 th, 2012 1000 people had filled Time Square and 205 000 computers had tuned in to watch a car-sized rover land (or crash) on Mars.  The 2.5 billion dollar (USD) Curiosity rover is NASA’s latest engineering marvel.  It is