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Funny Strange: Satire after Mordecai Richler

What has become of satire in Canada in the post Mordecai Richler era? If you google Canadian humour one of the main forms of humour this country is known for is satire. Since the passing of our satiric elder statesman Mordecai Richler who but perhaps Rick Mercer has taken up the flag? Find out what

Snakes, Dragons and Spiders, Oh My! Its ROM alive weekend!

Submitted Schmog, resident bearded dragon in the ROM’s live animal room This weekend the ROM will be hopping with live animals and those who study them!! The Animals are out for you to see and touch and there will be some of my buddies from ROM’s very own Live Room. Come to the ROM for Awesome

Ancient Egypt Weekend! OR How a mummy, NOT a dinosaur, got me into teaching.

I started volunteering at the Royal Ontario Museum when I was 14. After a few summers of being a camper at Summer Club, I was old enough to start volunteering. Volunteering at Summer Club turned out to be an incredibly magical experience for me, and eventually led to me to where I am today! One of

The ABCs of Rosedale

By Regina Virgo, ROMWalk Volunteer Did you know that South Rosedale is a Heritage Conservation District (HCD)? It is protected because its buildings are considered to be historically or culturally significant and require special care and attention to ensure that they are conserved. The application

Ultimate Dinosaurs Sneak Peek: Giants From Gondwana

By Ian Morrison, Technician, Vertebrate Palaeontology I recently returned from a trip to the The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago (along with co-op student Berkley Mackenzie-Bird) to pick up fossils for the upcoming show, Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana. We brought back four

#ROMSpace Weekend is out of this world!

Space has always been pretty important to me. In fact, my 3rd memory in LIFE is watching an episode of Star Trek The Original Series. I love the unknown of space, how everything is so distant, and special and new. From the Asteroid Belt, sorry little Pluto, space travel of the final frontier and

A Moon Walk at the ROM

It’s an elite group of people that have walked on the moon, but this weekend you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the experience with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (or at least the image of them – Neil is reflected in Buzz’s space helmet).  Space Weekend, May 5 – 6

More Butterfly Migrants arrive

A second impressive ‘wave’ of butterfly migration has been taking place the last few days. More Red Admirals have been joined by some other migratory butterflies: Painted Lady (saw one in the schoolyard yesterday), American Lady, Common Buckeye, Question Mark, Mourning Cloak, Cloudless

A Super Event and a Super Moon

The libration of the Moon over a single lunar month. Image credit: Tom Ruen For all the space junkies and aspiring astronauts, the ROM is holding its first ever Space Weekend on May 5 and 6…it’s going to be out of this world! A variety of rare metorites will be on display, many that you can

A Historic Defense of Toronto’s Morals

Submitted by Virginia Van Vliet, Volunteer with ROM Walks How could this building – the Spadina Gardens Apartments – ruin the morals of Toronto? Unlike in cities such as New York and Montreal, apartment buildings were not built in Toronto until the early 1900s. By 1912, however, city