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School, Dinosaurs, and the ROM Schooling about Dinosaurs.

School, Dinosaurs, & the ROM Schooling about Dinosaurs. OR The Reason why Kiron Dreaded the First Day of School. I’m not going to sit here and say I loved the start of school as a kid. In fact, as a young one I dreaded my early September birthday since it didn’t represent the same things a

Go West Young Man, and take a ROM Employee with you

I’ve just come back from Grasslands National Park with the Grand Prize Winner of the Find the Baby Bison contest, Alexander Muth. I’m the lucky ROM employee chosen to accompany him and his family on the trip (actually no luck involved at all, it was an arm wrestling competition and I’m

Dr. Catherine Forster: Dinosaur Hunter

Meet Catherine Forester, the first speaker in our Dinosaur Hunter SpeakerSeries. If you thought all dinosaur hunters were men, you’d be wrong. Our first palaeontologist in the Dinosaur Hunters Speaker Series, which starts this Sunday September 9, is Dr. Catherine Forster. She has toughed it out

Fantastic Folding Fan Leaf

By Ka Bo Tsang, ROM Assistant Curator, Chinese Pictorial Arts Wu Huizhang wrote Tang-dynasty poems onto this folding fan, showing exceptional levels of concentration, writing skill, and compositional skill. In this age when the electric fan and air-conditioning provide us instant relief from the

eTalk visits the ROM!

Posting by Danielle Megaffin, Intern with the ROM's communications department The stars of the Canadian entertainment news show eTalk recently shot a promo segment onsite at the ROM. Ben Mulroney, Tanya Kim, Traci Melchor, Danielle McGimsie, Lainey Lui, and Jessi Cruickshank spent a day in

Digging Through the Vaults: Rediscovery and Rehabilitation

Collector's ring with a large convex amethyst gem engraved with an image of Nike. Height: 2.2 cm Accession number: 925.83.6 Several months ago a colleague of mine and a curator from the European section were looking through a drawer of jewellery in the ROM’s Robertson Silver Storage Vault.

Meet the Ultimate Dino Team: Georgia Guenther

It’s one of the most interesting jobs at the ROM – the museum artist. Working in a studio soaked in natural light, Georgia Guenther creates replicas of objects in the collection and other artistic displays you may see inside the galleries. She works closely with curators to ensure her creations

I found the Baby Bison and now I’m on my way to Grasslands National Park

By Alexander Muth, winner of the Find the Baby Bison Contest Alexander with brothers Isaac and Leonard. The boys won't see this bird in Grasslands National Park but they did get to see lots of amazing things in their behind-the-scenes tour of the ROM. My name is Alexander Muth.  I just turned

ROM Research: Weighing Giants

by Nicolás Campione, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto Ever wonder how dinosaurs are weighed? Determining the mass of an animal that has been dead for more than 65 million years can be difficult, but knowing the weight of an animal can provide useful information about how it lived. This is

Invertebrate Life in the Ocean: Curator’s Corner

Hello, I’m Claire Healy, Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology here at the ROM. It’s almost that time again – Curator’s Corner is gearing up to bring you another opportunity to meet a curator (me!) and learn a bit more about the animals here at the museum, and the delightful organisms