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Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall

With 5,181 sq. m. (17,000 sq. ft.) of floor space and 5-metre (17-feet) high ceilings, this expansive new gallery space will host all of the Museum’s major exhibitions, with the capability of housing different exhibitions simultaneously. Originally created in 1986 through a generous donation from

J.F. Driscoll Family Stair of Wonders

More than 1,000 historical or scientific artifacts from the Museum's extensive collections are featured along the J.F. Driscoll Family Stair of Wonders. Not part of the permanent galleries, these "cabinets of curiosities" feature a 20 kilogram hippopotamus jaw, horns and antlers of

Herman Herzog Levy Gallery

The Herman Herzog Levy Gallery is the ROM's main venue for special East Asian exhibitions. The continually changing nature of the gallery makes it a dynamic space to showcase the broad scope and diversity of the ROM's collection of Chinese, Japanese and Korean artifacts, while ensuring

Thorsell Spirit House

Formed at the point where all of the Lee-Chin Crystal's five crystalline shapes unite, this unique space soars vertically from Level B2 to Level 4, with criss-crossing bridges on each level that connect the galleries from east to west. From these bridges, visitors can experience the large,

Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court

The Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court is a graceful atrium lobby located in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The soaring four-story interior was named in honour of Michael Lee-Chin’s mother to recognize his exceptional generosity. Large walls, graceful lines and vast interior spaces provide unique

Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery

The majestic Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery, built during the Museum’s 1933 expansion, connects the 1914 Philosophers’ Walk Wing to the 1933 Hilary and Galen Weston Wing on Queen’s Park. Many upgrades and modifications have enhanced the gallery’s role as the visitor’s orientation space to

Roloff Beny Gallery

The Roloff Beny Gallery is the main exhibition space for  ROM Contemporary Culture. Perched dramatically at the top of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, this large (approximately 6000 sq. feet) multimedia gallery is among the ROM’s most dramatic rooms. With geometric angled walls, a soaring ceiling

Liza's Garden

 Through the south-facing windows of c5, the new roof garden provides a constantly changing natural scene. The plantings are chosen to evoke lushness – the key distinction between garden and green roof. The late Liza Samuel served the Royal Ontario Museum in many roles, including Chair of the

La Maison des esprits Thorsell

Point de convergence des cinq faces anguleuses du Cristal Michael Lee-Chin, la Maison des esprits s’élance sur six étages, du Hall d’exposition Garfield Weston du niveau B2 aux galeries du niveau 4. À chaque étage, des passerelles reliant l’ouest et l’est permettent de passer d’une

Le Hall Samuel Galerie Currelly

Construit lors du projet d’expansion en 1933, le majestueux Hall Samuel Galerie Currelly relie l’édifice de la Promenade des philosophes datant de 1914 à l’aile Hilary et Galen Weston, construite en 1933 et dont l’entrée donne sur Queen’s Park. Au fil des ans, les nombreuses