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Comment by Elisabeth Somer...


I am in a womens study group of 17 women which we have had going for 20 years. This year our theme is " Discover Toronto."
I thought of suggesting our next meeting on Monday April 15, 2013 be a the ROM to see the BIG exhibit as I think it would be interesting to our group and fits in with the theme for this year. Many of us grew up in Toronti, or work here now but rarely find the time to go to the ROM and other treasures that the city offers.

Would it be possible to have a guided Tour by 1 of your staff on the BIG exhibit on this date in April?
Is there a group discount for a group over 10 people?
Cost for someone to walk us through the exhibit with some commentary? Nothing super detailed.

Our group is a diverse and fun bunch of women some of us working in the arts/ fashion or design areas actually ( I am a sales agent handling high end European lines in accessories, lingerie and hosiery and a graduate of Ryerson design and merchandising ) and there are lawyers, art teachers, commercial real estate agents and film executives in the gruop. I think all would enjoy seeing this exhibit.

The purpose of our group is to learn something new and outside our general backgrounds via education ,upbringing or what we do for a living!

This month we went ot Creative Matters in Toronto - fabulous custom rug designers ie as 1 of the women represents a rug company and is an interior designer who arranged this as she works with them for her clients. And in January we went to see a documentary at Hot Docs on Bloor street. In the theme of " Discover Toronto" we are trying to take the group to interesting spots to see things in Toroonto this year.

Liz Somerset-Watson