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Comment by Jaime Cho

Good afternoon, I am a parent volunteer who will be coming on a school trip to the ROM with my child's class. I am meeting with the teacher tomorrow and would like to suggest that we take the children to this exhibition and have them do an activity based on the photo's. I was thinking of creating a photo scavenger hunt. How ever I am unsure of the photo's that are being shown. Could you email me 10-20 of the photo's that are shown so that we can build a questioner for the children to take on March 5th? Or if you can not send me the photo's maybe you could come up with a list of things found in the photo's so that I can ask them to find the list of items.

Also because we are coming with the school I am assuming the parents/teachers will have to pay the extra $5? all the children are under the age of 10

thank you
Have a wonderful day
Jaime Cho