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Spring: Palaeoquest (Ages 8-10) PM

From the origins of life, to the first flight of dinosaurs, to the rise of humans, palaeontology covers a vast amount of awe-inspiring science and history. Explore our world class collection of fossils spanning hundreds of millions of years, learn about the Museum's cutting-edge research on prehistoric life and discover how palaeontologists preserve, piece together, and study their finds. Dig your way through the Mezosoic period with a visit to our special exhibition, T-rex : the Ultimate Predator. Become a junior palaeontologist and unearth the answers to the big questions: How did life begin? Are dinosaurs truly extinct? Can Ice Age beasts be brought back to life? Find out in Palaeoquest!

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  • Saturdays, April 15 - June 10, 2023 (Excludes May 20), 1 pm - 4 pm (8 weeks)


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