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Photo of two giraffes
Friday March 1 to Friday March 15, 2019


See one of the world’s truly magnificent countries with a world renowned expert.

The setting for this trip is the stunning backdrop that is South Africa and the veldt where you will experience the thrill of big game safaris. See thriving modern cities, seascapes where two oceans meet, picturesque wineries and mountains and highlands with diamond and gold mines. 


Wednesday May 1 to Thursday May 16, 2019


Dinners by the sea or in the shadow of the Acropolis, beautiful towns, archaeological ruins, first-class museums, artistic wonders, magnificent scenery, monasteries, churches....the enduring beauty of Greece stuns the senses.

Monday May 6 to Monday May 16, 2019

Travel with us to Rome and the surrounding area to experience intriguing sights specially chosen by our Resource Person Ken Bartlett, including both “must sees” and the less well known.


Three Poles, Haida Gwaii
Friday June 7 to Sunday June 16, 2019

Sail along the protected east shore and south islands of Haida Gwaii . Observe abundant wildlife. Walk among ancient forests and villages.  Learn of the unique biological past of these islands. Share in traditional Haida foods. Enjoy the art, ceremonial life and history of the Haida First Nation.


Sunday October 6, 2019 to Friday October 25, 2019

Journey to the Himalayan kingdoms at the top of the world.  Discover the unique architecture and beautiful valleys of Bhutan, the three royal cities of Nepal (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), the high Tibetan plain and much more.

Monday August 10 to Saturday August 22, 2020

See it before it’s gone.

Travel with the CBC’s Quirks and Quarks host across the Arctic Circle in the shadow of fjords and icebergs. Bob has been making climate change fascinating for 30 years and is exclusive to this ROMTravel trip. Learn about stone carving and throat singing.  View Polar Bears, Walrus, and Humpback Whales.