2018 Quimby F. Hess Lecture: Arachnophobes to Arachnophiles: Friendly Spiders in Your House, Gardens and Parks

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2018 Quimby F. Hess Lecture

Arachnophobes to Arachnophiles: Friendly Spiders in Your House, Gardens and Parks

Argiope aurantia Yellow garden spider. Photo courtesy Antonia Guidotti.

Explore the natural history of spiders you might find in your basement, backyard, or local forest, and clear up some of the myths about one of the world’s most misunderstood creatures. With over 40,000 known species, spiders are among the most diverse animals on the planet and occupy virtually all habitatable regions of the planet, from the rainforests of Panama to the slopes of Mount Everest. While they are loathed by many and often thought of as deadly, venomous creatures, spiders are essential for ecosystems and help us in immense ways, such as eating crop pests and providing food for highly valued wildlife. Presenting some fascinating spiders facts, including their ability to balloon up into the atmosphere and their unique and diverse uses of silk, this lecture may just help arachnophobes become arachnophiles.

Speaker: Chris Buddle

Chris Buddle is an Professor of Entomology and Dean of Students at McGill University, where he has worked since 2002. His research has been focused on the biodiversity and natural history of insects and spiders, and he has studied these amazing animals in tree canopies, agricultural fields, and for the past decade, in Arctic Canada. Chris has published close to 100 scientific papers, has received national awards for his research and teaching, and is deeply committed to sharing knowledge about insects and spiders. This year, Chris, along with co-author Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice (an entomologist and writer from North Carolina) has published a book on common spiders which contains the stories of some of the spiders you would encounter in your house, garden, or local park.

Reception for TEA members to follow.

Program Partner: Toronto Entomologists' Association

The Annual Quimby F. Hess Lecture
The late Quimby F. Hess had a lifelong passion: the study, collection, and conservation of insects. Quimby was a member of the Toronto Entomologists' Association (TEA) for over 40 years. The Annual Quimby F. Hess Lecture is made possible by the generous support of Quimby Hess’s children, Robert Hess and Jane Hess. This illustrated talk will take you further into the minutely detailed realm of these often-complained-about yet essential creatures than you ever thought possible!

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  • Saturday, December 1, 2018 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Royal Ontario Museum
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