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The ROM is celebrating a significant and exciting milestone in 2014—a century of building communities and bringing people and ideas together. In honour of the ROM centennial, we hope you will take part in our special community fundraising campaign called Love the ROM.

Our dedicated supporters have enabled the ROM to nurture discovery and inspire wonder for the past century. When you support the ROM, you’re investing in a cultural icon that enriches lives with extraordinary experiences of science and civilization.

Show your love for the ROM and celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment in the Museum's history by making a commemorative centennial gift in your name, or in a loved one's name, and receive special recognition in our centennial year! No gift is too small—we welcome one-time donations and monthly pledges.

Supporters who donate $150 or more to the campaign will be recognized on the ROM website, and donors who give $1,000 or more will be invited to share their unique ROM stories and memories, or wishes to loved ones in the future, in a commemorative centennial book that will become a permanent part of the ROM collections for generations to come.

When the Duke of Connaught opened the ROM on March 19, 1914, Sir Edmund Walker—the Museum’s first chairman—presented him with an illuminated manuscript as a memento. The centennial memory book is a modern version of this historic manuscript and will feature artwork by Rachel Ann Lindsay, a Toronto-based illustrator. Her drawings will complement selected stories and bring our community’s ROM memories to life. Learn more about the special benefits of donating to the Love the ROM campaign.

We hope you will support our campaign and show your love for the ROM!
Donate now online or call 416.586.5842 to pledge your support.

Donor List


Mr. Gordon & Mrs. Kathleen Agar
Mr. Moaz Ahmad & Ms. Yoke-Moi Khoo
Mr. James & Mrs. Emily Archer
Mr. Alexander R. Armstrong
Ms. Andrea Balfour & Mr. Nicholas Ward-Campbell
Mr. Cezar & Mrs. Carmen Bangu
Ms. Nancy Barber & Mr. Martin Elliott
Ms. Mary Barratt & Ms. Andrea Sutton
Peter Beck and Sondra Splatt
Ms. Alyssa Beucholtz
Mr. Cecil Carsley
Mr. Robert Castle
Mrs. Mara & Mr. Giulio Cescato
Anne Marie Chung
Dr. Pamela Craigie
Ms. Frances & Mr. Gary Cronkwright
Mr. David M. Cullen & Mrs. Patricia E. Bell
Dr. Derek Davidson
Mr. Marc Digiorgio & Ms. Lina Ismail
Ms. Shirley Dobson
Mrs. Christina Dufrene
Dr. Yvonne Dunstan
Mrs. Heather Elliott
Mrs. Raelene & Mr. Ryan Ernst
Ms. Laura Ewing & Mr. Edward Jasonek
Mrs. Sheila Fellmayer
Ms. Christine & Mr. Marc Fortin
Mrs. Nancy Fox & Mr. David Armstrong
Mr. Cyril & Mrs. Marion Fry
The Fudurich Family
Ms. Ariella Fuhrmann & Mr. Christopher Alam
Rohan Ganguli
Ms. Christena F. Gay
Mrs. Cynthia Genkin & Ms. Marina Matskevitch
Janice E.Getson
Ms. Ann J. Gibson
Ms. Alice Groen & Mr. Stewart Adams
Mr. Adrian & Ms. Shirley Hanick
Mr. George Hart
Ms. Elsie Harvey & Mr. Andrew Harvey
Thomas R. Hawkins and Nancy L. Hawkins
Ms. Pauline S. Hill & Ms. Karen Teasdale
Ms. Dorothy Hill
Dr. Patricia Hinton
Ms. Marjorie Hodges
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Rita Holden
Ms. Janet Horner
Danielle Hough
Mr. Darwyne Hourie & Ms. Maureen Lacey
Mr. Norman Housley
Ms. Nancy Howe
Ms. Liza Jerome
Hugh & Maire Jones
Ms. Tiffany Kwan & Mr. Anthony Hick
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Eileen Laker
Mr. Duane & Dr. Patricia Lakin-Thomas
Kenneth & Penelope Lantz
Mr. Brian Lasby & Ms. Grainne Duggan
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Jennifer Lawrence
Toby Levinson Cole
Ms. Anastasia Linardatos
Mr. John & Mrs. Anne Liphardt
Mrs. Linda Locke
Ms. Cecilia Loppe
Ms. Grace Lord
Mr. Cecil & Ms. Simone Louis
Ms. Deanna MacDonald & Mr. Alex Laney
Ms. Frances J. Mandell-Arad & Mrs. Gail Collie
Mr. Randy Manning
Mrs. Ene-Liis Martens
Mr. Grant Haynen & Ms. Dawn Maruno
Ms. Diana Massiah
Mr. Michael J. McKay
Mr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Debra Medin
Shayan Moin & Maryam Pourkashani
Mrs. Janet Nelson
Ms. Lorna Newman
Mr. Roy F. & Mrs. Vaike O'Neill
Mr. Michael & Ms. Carmen Prades
Mrs. Winnifred Redman
Ms. Caroline Rigby
Mr. Chris Sabatinos & Ms. Margaret Tang
Dr. Hani Sahyoun
Mr. Tony G. Salerno
Joan & Harry Sanderson
Mr. Gordon N. Saunders
Mr. Fred Schaeffer
Mr. Gunter & Mrs. Martha Schroder
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Carolyn Skimson
Mr. Jay Smales & Ms. Jackie Wong
Barry Spear
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Virginia Stead
Mr. Charles & Mrs. Lisa Thomas
Justice Pamela Thomson
Ms. Irene & Mr. Brian Verby
Mr. Walford & Mrs. Sylvia Watson
Grace Westcott
Mrs. Anna & Mr. Rudolph Wiens
Anonymous (2)


Mr. Courtney & Mrs. Sandra Alexander
Dr. Faizal Ali & Dr. Susan Beaver
Miss Theola Ally
Mrs. Shanti Ariker
Ms. Anna Sophia Barros
Mr. Richard & Ms. Helen Bartley
Ms. Lise M. Baudry
Margaret Beer
The Bellamy Family
Mr. J. Claude Blouin & Ms. E. Kosmidis
Siew-Lee Brett
Dr. Diane Bridges - Thicke & Dr. Brian Thicke
Ron & Mary Brown
Mrs. Jocelyn & Mr. David Bussin
Mr. Sanjib Choudhuri
Mr. Gregory & Mrs. Marie Colucci
Maurice J. Coombs
Dr. Kristofer Coward
Ms. Melissa Davis & Mr. Jamie Kastner
Mr. David & Ms. Carolyn Dell
Ms. Joan Dinnin
Mr. Richard Dion
Ms. Susan Dobson
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Rima Dornfeld
Ms. Kelly & Mr. Max Evans
Mr. Marcello and Pamela Fallico
Dr. Joanne & Ms. Laura Fox
Mr. Alex & Mr. Harald Frey
Ms. A. Frey
Rev. Ivars & Rev. Anita Gaide
Dr. Eric Gangbar & Dr. Lisa Markson
Mark Rainmaker
Ms. Eva Gianopoulos
Ms. Isabelle K. Gibb
Ms. Isabelle K. Gibb
Mr. Stuart & Ms. Cindy Gibbons
Barbara Gill-Lazroe
Mr. Vincent Gogan & Ms. Faith Boutcher
Mr. Chris & Mrs. Kathryn Goldsmith
James Grainger and Laura Decarufel
Mrs. Valerie Grant
Ms Shirley Greenwood
Ms. Sharon Hammer
Kirsten Hanson & Sandy Houston
Colin Hay
Mrs. Vickie Hayler & Mr. Paul Dickey
Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Janet Heath
Mrs. Diane Henderson
Sherry Hertrich
Dr. Brendan Hickie
Ms. Dorothy Hill
Mr. Lawrence Hillman
The Phillips Family
The Hoffman Family
Mr. Brian J. Hudson
Mr. Kent Jackson
Ms. Eva Jiran
Mrs. Pat & Mr. Robert Klowak
Ms. Philippa Kossuth
Susan Kraemer
Ms. Astrid Kretschmann & Mr. Shane Kelly
Dzintra Lahay
Colette and Roger Lalonde from their Daughter Lise Lalonde for instilling in her a love of history and culture.
Katelynn Caceres
The Lefebre Family
Mr. Liang Liao
In honour of the work of our son Mr. Lister
David Lyons
Mr. Donald & Mrs. Kairy Macaulay
Ms. Alison MacIntosh
Mrs. Linda & Mr. Brenden MacKinnon
Dr. Xenia R. Kirkpatrick & Dr. Alfred Margulies
Mr. Gaetan Martin
Mr. J. Michael & Mrs. France McCabe
Mr. W. & Ms. M. McCallum
Mr. Douglas & Mrs. Susan McCutcheon
The McDonald Family
Ms. Martha Mclellan & Mr. Raymond Bowes
Mrs. Teri & Mr John McMahon
Ms. Susan McNerney & Mr. Jim Allen
Mr. Mike & Mrs. Fiona McPhaden
Mr. Charles & Mrs. Kornelia Milborne
Ms. Leslie Milligan & Ms. Pearl Carlyle
Ms. Margaret Moule
Mr. Keith Nash & Ms. Cindy Forbes
Ms. Catherine Nott
Mr. Andy OReilly and Mrs. Claudia OReilly
L. Ostafichuk
Ruth-Elaine Papoff
Mr. Gia Phan & Mrs. Tu Cau Nguyen
David J. Pyper
Mr. Chris & Mr. David Raybould
Mr. Bruce Robinson
Mr. Richard Rosenberg & Ms. Jean Vethel
Pamela & Thomas Roth
Ms. Susannah B. Roth
Diana Dean Rowney
Ms. Karen E. Rubin & Mr. David Saffran
Mr. Arthur & Ms. Janet Rubinoff
Mr. Ali & Mrs. Sadaf Salahuddin
Mrs. Judith A. Salley
Mrs. Claire E. Scrivens
Mrs. Edythe Shand
Ms. Catherine Siemens
Ms. Victoria Silva
Mr. Paul & Mrs. Wendy Simmons
Alicia Hawryluk & Robin Hahn
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Jennifer Smith
Ms. Marilyn Smith
Ms. Kathy Starodub & Mr. Trevor D. Smith
Mrs. Laura M. Talbot-Allan
Mr. Bruce Tanaka
Pat & Harold Taylor
Ms. Wendy Templeton
Mrs. Roberta Tilbe
Ms. Margaret & Miss Victoria Tokarski
Ms. Lesley Townend & Mr. Steve Townend
Ms. Lahring Tribe & Ms. Marlene Fraser
Dr. & Mrs. Vanderlinden
Marget & Ian Waddell
Joan and Don Walker
Mr. Jason & Mrs. Dawn-Marie Walmsley
Mrs. Xu Wang & Mr. Yanbo Mou
Mr. Walter Wasylko & Ms. Rose-Anna Chu
Ms. Martha Watt
Mrs. Jan Watters
Ms. Mary-Ellen & Ms. Deborah Waugh
Mr. S. G. & Mrs. Shirley Zaky
Dr. Paul & Dr. Debra Zeni
Ms. Ping Zhang & Mr. Penju Zhao
The Zupo Family
Anonymous (1)


Mr. Ronald R. Andersen
Ms. Annick Aubert
Dr. Lita-Rose Betcherman
Ms. Joan Cameron
In Memoriam of Joan Campbell
Mr. John & Mrs. Stephanie de Bruijn
Ms. Kira Dunham & Mr. Donald Lamer
The Granberg Family
Mr. Ian & Mrs. Catherine Henderson
Chris Irie
Sandra Jenkinson
Mr. William Byron Karababas
Mr. Arthur Palmer Kennedy
Dr. Geoffrey Lloyd & Mrs. B. Lloyd-Tomlinson
Mayberry Fine Art
Ronald McCuaig
Ms. Barbara E. McDonald
Tamara & Lance Pope
Mr. Ian & Ms. Jennifer Robinson
Mr. Derek & Mrs. Rollande Ruston
Ms. Joanne Schott
Mr. Sunil Sebastian
Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Gayle Tait
Ms. C. Adrienne & Mr. Earle Taylor
Ms. Liana Van der Bellen
Ms. Michele Wiederkehr
Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Krystyna Zdanowicz
Mrs. Joan Forge
Anonymous (2)


Ms. Josephine Accarrino
Mrs. Sharon Aeschelmann and Mr. Alain Aeschelmann
Mr. Clive Algie
Mrs. Isabel Alves-Vettoretto & Mr. Gino Vettoretto
Mr. David King and Ms. Linda Barkovsky
Mrs. Margaret & Mr. Monte Barrett
Mrs. Merlyn Beeckmans
Dr. & Mrs. Matthias Benfey
Ms. Beatrix Benner & Mr. Michael Gadway
Ms. Julie & Mr. Paul Berdusco
Mr. Charles & Mrs. Katherine Black
Dr. Trevor & Mrs. Sharon Bon
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Barbara Bradey
Mr. Stephen Breen & Ms. Gillian Wan
Mrs. Priscilla & Ms. Tory Brooks-Hill
Mr. Klaus & Mrs. Irene Buechner
Mr. David J. Burnside
Mr. Ian Burton
Dr. Barbara Caffery & Dr. Art Caspary
Ms. Margaret Harriett Cameron
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Marianne Campbell
Heather Caple
Ju Chen
Caroline A. Chong Yen
Ms. Joyce R. Ogilvie-Clark
Dr. Pamela Coates & Mr. Wayne Methven
Carmela Cobham
Mrs Priscilla Cole
Mrs. Mary & Mr. Jim Connacher
Lorne Corley
Peter Cory and Andrew Christopher and Robert
Dr. Patricia Coyne
Mrs. Norma Croxon
Mr. Gordon & Mrs. Barbara Cummings
Mark & Ann Curry
Mrs. Karin E. Dajani
Mary & Christopher Davies
Robert and Evelyn de Langley
David Dime and Elisa Nuyten
Mr. William P. Douglas & Mrs. Elizabeth Douglas
Ms. Sharon & Mr. Daniel Dowdall
Mr. David Doze & Ms. Rosemary Knez
Dr. Carl Ehrlich & Rabbi Michal Shekel
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Laila Eiriksson
Rodney Ellis
Mrs. Caroline S. Farrell-Burman
Mrs. Caroline & Mr. James Felstiner
Mr. Alan & Mrs. Shelly Ferguson
Frances and Ron Filegan
Alexandra Fokine
Chris Foley, Laura Foley;
Mrs. E. Johanne Forbes
Ms. Janice Franklin & Mr. Dean Moratz
The Freed Family
Ms. Margaret Gale
Barry and Joy Gales
Sarah Gallienne
Dr. Andres Gantous & Dr. Jennifer Anderson
Dr. Rosanne Gasse
Dr. Douglas & Mrs. Sue Gibson
Ms. Diane Gillies & Mr. Rakesh Jethwa
Ms. Tina L. Ginglo
Mrs. Sharan & Mr. Paul Golini
Betty Gray, Bill Gray, Karen Gray, Marilyn Gray
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Susan Greenberg
Jack Gwartz
Dr. Benjamin Hadar & Ms. Christine Wojahn
Ms. Victoria & Ms. Erin Hannah
Mrs. Dianne & Mr. Dennis Hayes
Mr. William Heath
Mr. Stuart Heggie & Mr. Alex Graham-Heggie
Dr. Christina Heidinger-Krebs
Samuel Henning
Ms. Laurel Hobbs
Jerold Hodge
Mr. Mark Holmes & Ms. Lynn Power
Mrs. Monika & Mr. Bryce Hoxha
Delores Buka-Huculak
Marguerite Emma Hunt (Moogk)
Ms. Kathryn Hyland
Mrs. Tammy Isbell & Mr. Peter Outerbridge
Mrs. Dale Jackson
Mr. Hans & Ms. Leslie Jager
Julie Jai
Ms. Norma Jeanrie
Jenkins Family
Judith Jenkins
Herman & Judy Jilesen
Mr. James A. Johnson
Mrs. Anne & Mr. Dylan Jones
Ivana & Aleksandra & Petar Kandic
Mrs. Karin Kempnich
In Memory of Helen Kennedy
Mrs. Cilla & Mr. Peter Kent
Mrs. Amy & Mr. Kamran Khan
Mrs. Dorion Kingsmill & Mr. Stephen Stuart
Bill Barker and Elizabeth Kirk
Mr. Joseph Koenig
Ms. Valarie Koziol
Mr. Victor & Ms. Natalia Krisel
The Lamont Family
Ms. Catherine E. Lane & Mr. Clive Ellis
Kathryn E Langley Hope, Arthur James Langley Senior/ Junior, Edith Fergus Langley, Trisha Anne Langley;
Lea Anne Leavens & Terri Leavens
Ms. Josee Ledoux
Mr. John Lewko & Ms. Anne Hodges
Dr. Jody Lewtas
Dr. Roberta B. Linden
Mr. Michael W. Linden
Ms. Elizabeth Lipcsei
Mr. Anthony Lisanti
Mrs. Joan Livsey
Mr. Glen & Mrs. Sara Loates
Dr. Vance M. Logan
Mr. Stephen Bartolini & Ms. Danica Loncar
Miss Brigitte E. Loos
Ms. Julia Lowe & Mr. David Henry
Sabrina Perrin, Andrew Lowry, L'lyn Lowry
Ms. Meredith MacFarquhar
Nanci MacKenzie
Dr. Alexander S. Macpherson
Ms. Shobha Maharaj
In honour of ROM research & acquisition staff
The Makuz Family
Ms. Molly Malone & Patricia Hogg
Mr. W. Irving & Mrs. Marion Mann
Ms. Antonieta Marticorena & Ms. Patricia Landolt
Mr. Robert Matthews
Miss Norah McAuliffe & Ms. Maureen Grannan
Mr. Curtis McCone
Mr. Barry & Mrs. Shannon McCorquodale
Ms. Patricia McMahon & Mr. Kevin Ackhurst
The Mehta Family
Mrs. Maureen Merrill
B. Josephine Mewett
Dr. Lorelie Mitchell
Mr. Garry & Mrs. Fanny Moddel
Donata Morandi and Leonardo Kosarew
Mrs. Ada & Mr. Hugh Morris
Mrs. Kristin & Mr. Scott Morrison
Mr. Neil Morrison
Mrs. Mary F. Mulqueen
Ms. Pierrette Nadeau
Dr. David Naiberg
Miss Laurie-Ann Nakagawa & Ms. Lynn Chin
Reverend Nola Crewe & Harold James Nelson
The Neuman Family
Paul Reinhardt and Mary Odonoghue
Mrs. Laurel Oliphant
Dr. Elizabeth Oliver-Malone
Ms. Miroslava & Dr. Bryn Ondrack
Elizabeth ONeil & Danny Lineham
Mr. Fred Newey and Mrs. Sharon ORourke
Ms. Joy Packham
Mrs. Louise & Mr. Vittorio Pappalardo
Mrs. Nancy Pencer
Mrs. Barbara Pollard
Barbara and John Pollock
Mrs. Mimi Pollock
Ms. Camilla E. Pucholt
Doreen Kinsella Rabi
Prof. Mikal A. Radford
Mr. Cameron & Ms. Sharon Ridsdale
Ms. Melissa J. Rigatti & Mr. Paul E. Farrow
Mrs. Pamela & Dr. Martyn Roberts
Gordon Robison
Mr. Alex & Mrs. Irina Roitman
Mr. Javier Rojas
C. Aldon Rooke CET & Fay (Edwards) Rooke RCA, AOCA
Mr. Edward G. F. Rosengren
Ms. Jennifer Ruddy & Mr. Aran O'Carrol
Victor Rudik
Richard and Joan Sadleir
Mr. Barry Salsberg
John, Lisa and Shaké Sarkhanian
Mr. Shlomo Sharon & Mrs. Helena Fabricus
Mrs. Marjorie J. Sharpe
Gerard Sheerin
Ms. Judy Sheppard
Carole & Marvin Sherkin
Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Alla Shklar
Mr. Peter Sims
Mrs. Ann Sinclair
Mrs. Mary Sinclair
Ms. Cecilia & Ms. Macy Siu
Mrs. Berneice Skelly
Ms. Emily Smith
Mr. H.L. Rous and Joyce Rous Sowby
Ms. Martha Steers
Mrs. Barbara Stephen
Ms. Martine Stibrany
Dr. George Stones & Ms. Elizabeth Vitek
Mrs. Janet Stovel
Mr. John & Ms. Linda Stregger
Ms. Trudy Struebing
Mrs. Elana Switzer
Mr. Claude Tambu
Ms. Hedy Tammerk & Mr. Arvo Kuld
Mr. Thomas Tampold & Dr. Carol Nash
Roy Tanaka
Gordon Taylor
Mr. Edward Taylor & Ms. Sandy Tecimer
Mr. Ron & Mrs. Beverley Thorpe
Mrs. Ann C. Timpson
Mr. John B. Tinker
Mr. Cornelis van de Graaff
Dr. Lorraine Vosu & Trevor Vosu
Mr. John Vujnovic
Mrs. Sheila Waengler
Tony Walsh and Beverly-Anne Basque
Ms. Teresa Walsh & Mr. David Kines
Connor, Lachlan & Devyn Ross
Mrs. Helen Ward
Colleen & Hubert Washington
Mr. Jonathan Whitby
Rick & Gail Williams in Memoriam of their parents Harv Williams and Julia Williams
Dr. Kristine Wilson-Yang
Mrs. Joan E. Winter
Mr. Roberto Yangosian & Ms. Claudia Lousararian
Debra Yeo Boland
Mr. Clement Sze Chit Yeung
Anonymous (3)


Lynn From
Dr. Daniel Schachter
Mr. Norman H. & Mrs. Estelle R. Schipper
Mr. Eric Bostrom & Ms. Carina Hermansson


Al & Malka Green