women at the ROM

Janet Carding, Director and CEO, 2010 -

Janet Carding is appointed Director and CEO. At the Australian Museum ( encompassing nature and culture), she was Assistant Director of Public Programs and Operations.

wall fragment depicting two Egyptians

Winnifred Needler

Winifred (Friedl) Needler joined the staff of the Royal Ontario Museum in 1935 as a draughtsman-cataloguer.  She took a year's leave to study Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeology, along with Middle Egyptian (hieroglyphics) at Yale, which

portrait of woman light background

Madeleine Fritz, Pioneer Scientist

There were many firsts for Dr. Fritz.. She joined the Palaeontology department in 1927, having completed her doctorate (the first woman to receive a PhD in Geology at U of T) under Dr. Parks. She loved teaching and was a prolific writer.

newspaper images of woman and couple in Egypt on camels

Margaret MacLean, Educator

Margaret MacLean is appointed guide to the collections. Though well-educated, she has to satisfy each Director that she is competent to guide people through his galleries and his approval must be sent in writing to Board.