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Fifty Years Ago ...

Fifty years ago I was thirteen years old. My head was filled with the mystery of the pyramids, pharaohs, and mummies. In a letter to the ROM Personnel Department, I offered my services to assist on a summer dig in Egypt.

Eyes Wide Open

When I first visited the ROM, I was only 7 years old, so that was 6 years ago. I was a child, so I had no idea that things from over 100 years ago, can be preserved. I remember when I saw the dinosaur exhibit.. My eyes were WIDE OPEN.

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Full Circle

Growing up without a lot of money in a small town outside of Toronto, trips to the museum were reserved for very special occasions, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I actually made it through the doors.

A ROM love story

My fiancée, Raj, and I met through mutual friends and immediately began getting to know each other. We found that biggest thing we had in common was our love for history, so naturally we thought to go to the ROM for our first date.

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A Student's Perspective

Prof. Heinrich was at the ROM 1955-62. He taught one year, 1965-66, in Regina and went on to teach 15 years, 1966 until his death, at York University.  He taught me Museum Studies during my first year, 1975-76.

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My Father's Home

My father, C. H. Douglas Clarke, was a naturalist who studied forestry and wildlife biology at U of T in the 30s and went on to a distinguished career as a researcher, administrator and writer in the field of wildlife management.

Who knew a museum was so much more!

I moved to Canada from Bombay, India at the end of November 1999. When I applied to work here, I wasn't really sure if this was where I wanted to be. A part time administrative job, when I was looking for full time work in a new country?

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Frogs of Nogies Creek

My mum would take us to the ROM during March Break when we were kids growing up in Huntsville, but I hadn't returned since then - the early 80's.

Keaton Smith in the Dinosaur Gallery

Keaton Smith's ROM Inspiration

Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at the Royal Ontario Museum? In February 2012, my family and I were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum by one of the paleontologists who works there.

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The Tenth Muse

I am an aspiring Greco-Roman historian currently completing my undergrad. As such I write countless papers on varying historical topics.

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"A Special Place in My Heart"

I volunteered for the Summer Club at the ROM in 2008. I had previously travelled there on numerous school field trips, and the Museum has always held a special place in my heart.

An Old Friend

I have always loved the Museum. I would spend every minute that I could there, sometimes doing my homework in the company of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs or dinosaurs. I loved everything about the museum.

My Brilliant Career

Robert Taylor and  the ROM

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Free Rein

My first experience with the ROM was in the mid 60’s when my brother and I participated in the Saturday Morning Club.  What is interesting is I have no recollection of adults being part of our experience.  I remember having free re

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Life in the Biodiversity Gallery

ROM changed my life by giving me the opportunity to volunteer at the Biodiversity Gallery. A dream come true. I got to work and meet some very talented and dedicated people and my life was made better for it.

Alone with the Mummy

When I was in Grade 5 our class had a trip to the ROM. I had a new cardigan which my mother told me not to wear because I'd probably lose it. I convinced her that I would not, but sure enough, I came home without it.

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Real Bones

The ROM was the first place that I saw real dinosaur bones.The collections and staff have helped fuel my life longdream of becoming a palaeontologist.

Formative Moments

It was on a solo visit to the Royal Ontario Museum as a high school student. I had been there on a class visit in public school, but by now I had become fascinated by the world of insects, their diversity, their evolution.

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Gayle's Story

When I was a girl in Grade School, my parents allowed me to take the bus and streetcar, by myself, down to the Museum every Sunday afternoon.

MUSEUM (poem)

I believe museums should be about affectivity -- that one should be able to simultaneously 'lose' oneself and connect to something larger. Here's a poem I wrote on the subject that I am pleased to share in honour of ROM ReCollects: