And There Be Dinosaurs.........

It was the late 80's early 90's and dinosaurs were everywhere. TV shows, cereal boxes, toys - you name it. Most importantly, there was an exhibit at the ROM which coincided with treasures on display from King Tut's tomb.

gold earrings on dark background

Egyptian Earrings

When I was ten, I was a member of the ROM's Saturday Morning Club. I had recently had my ears pierced for my tenth birthday, which was a pretty big deal at the time.

Friends! Registrars! Hand me that ear!

While a student in the University of Toronto's Museum Studies Master's program in 1996-8, I had an internship in the West Asian collections with Bill Pratt, assisting him with an inventory of the Egyptology collections.

Drawing the Egyptians

One of my best visits to the ROM was in the late 60s when my brother Mark and I went by ourselves by subway at 12 and 10 years old. Being out alone was an adventure.

wall fragment depicting two Egyptians

Winnifred Needler

Winifred (Friedl) Needler joined the staff of the Royal Ontario Museum in 1935 as a draughtsman-cataloguer.  She took a year's leave to study Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeology, along with Middle Egyptian (hieroglyphics) at Yale, which

double image of child reacting to display with delight

Encounter with an Egyptian

This is my grandaughter Sasha on an early visit to the ROM. She has since enjoyed many sessions of March Break camp, Summer Club, and even a sleepover with her mother, who enjoyed such programs in her day.

An Old Friend

I have always loved the Museum. I would spend every minute that I could there, sometimes doing my homework in the company of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs or dinosaurs. I loved everything about the museum.

Alone with the Mummy

When I was in Grade 5 our class had a trip to the ROM. I had a new cardigan which my mother told me not to wear because I'd probably lose it. I convinced her that I would not, but sure enough, I came home without it.

woman stands beside mummy case

Gayle's Story

When I was a girl in Grade School, my parents allowed me to take the bus and streetcar, by myself, down to the Museum every Sunday afternoon.

man beside tent in Egypt

First ROM Employee

Charles Trick Currelly is appointed a collector for the University of Toronto at $500/year salary.