Who knew a museum was so much more!


Who knew a museum was so much more!


  • 1982 - 2000

I moved to Canada from Bombay, India at the end of November 1999. When I applied to work here, I wasn't really sure if this was where I wanted to be. A part time administrative job, when I was looking for full time work in a new country? I was amazed to find within weeks, nay days, that a museum can be part of a community and the city, and can offer so much! It is not just a place filled with smelly old artifacts and things that people collected over the ages. I had a lot to learn about museums. Coming from India, where going to a museum is not part of the culture and definitely not required during the school years, I was happy for the kids of this province to have this wonderful opportunity. Maybe the students who visit us realize, much later in their lives, what an impact a Museum visit has had. A chance visit, an interest piqued that may have lead to a new interest or a hobby, career or a calling of a lifetime. How lucky is that!! I am glad I work here. Is there scope for change? Absolutely! But what a place to be a part of!! There is never a dull moment and you learn something new every day - both for work and for life. Many happy and successful years to the ROM!!