Scary Mummy


Scary Mummy


  • 1933 - 1968
  • man and woman unwrapping a mummy

About 1946, when I was 2 years old, my Grandparents were babysitting me in Toronto while my mother was expecting a baby. My Granddad took me to the ROM for the first time. Now, I know current theory holds that children don't remember things earlier than age 3 or 4, But, I assure you, I am an exception. I can vividly recall seeing the giant black totem poles, but it was the Mummy who made the biggest impression, with his crumbling toes and scraggy reddish hair. He scared the heck out of me. It didn't help that after the museum, Granddad took me to Casa Loma, and, as part of the tour we walked down the dark echoing tunnel to the stables.
That night , I had nightmares. The Mummy was coming down the tunnel, and then up the back steps of Granddad's house to get me. Granddad got told off for scaring me like that.
Needless to say, I am quite over my fright. The Mummy is still there, and he is still just as dead as he was 67 years ago, but those totem poles and the Mummy are old friends now, and I always drop by to say hello every time I take my grandkids to the ROM.