Romancing the ROM


Romancing the ROM


  • 2010 - now

I love the Royal Ontario Museum! I could spend hours and hours there roaming the different exhibits and learning all I can about history and the past. With a child, however, we are limited with the time we can spend, the amount we can see, and the exhibits we should visit to keep her entertained.

This visit went smoothly, we were able to see everything we wanted and we made it through in record time. Enough time for a nap, investigating, and eating. Was perfect, and our little one was so interested and so well behaved we couldn't have asked for a better experience.

I was so thrilled to be taking my little girl for her first trip there. I wanted her to see the wonder, to feel like an explorer, to fall in love with ancient cities and people.

We looked through the grandeur and the pomp of some of the areas (like the Victorian rooms). We experienced nature, birds beating their wings over our heads, a bat cave dark and eerie. We travelled to Egypt and saw stone tablets and a mummy (wooh!). Then onward up the ages.

We loved the miniatures, so cool to see how people of the past lived, how buildings were created, formation for military, etc. Our little one loved the kids area the best, playing with the abacus and doing the dinosaur puzzles. It was great to see her throw herself into a huddle of kids and find her own way, with us just sitting back and watching.

Our favourite part were the dinosaurs! So ancient, so interesting, so many facts and figures. But those bones, you really feel like an adventurer when you step up the stairs. The immensity and size of them is overwhelming, to imagine these giants used to live on the same planet.

When we were done, finished searching and exploring, finished admiring old art and shiny armor, finished scanning the photographs in the top of the crystal, we went outside and ate our lunch at the foot of one of the Chinese Guardian Lions (pigeons on the go around us). Blissful day I will not soon forget.

P.S. I'm pretty sure we saw Peter Dinklage there!