Partial to Pyramids?


Partial to Pyramids?


  • 2000 - 2010
  • mummy in open case
  • two children in Halloween costumes

The memory is fleeting but it seems to me the gallery that housed the ROM’s mummy Anjau was much more spacious and brightly lit when I first visited him 26 years ago. Or could it be the lens of a 10 year old’s joy which fills the scene with so much light? I was captivated by everything Egyptian and spent an excruciating amount of time examining Anjau through the glass. Once back home in Peterborough I would take out my little, glossy brochure of ROM gallery highlights and stare fixedly at the photo of Anjau. I stored that brochure under my bed for safe keeping and easy access for saying goodnight to my first real mummy.

Years later, after graduating from university, I was once again home in Peterborough this time looking for part-time jobs. I wanted something that would match well with my decision to work full time on my art at Toronto’s Open Studio. The classifieds ad was titled “Partial to Pyramids?”

Yes, most definitely!

It was a telemarketing job but when I arrived for the interview I learnt the company’s contract with the ROM was soon to expire. While telemarketing met the criteria of not interfering with my focus on art I wanted my part-time gig to involve talking up the mummies! Luckily while waiting for my interview I met Estrella at the ROM’s information desk. She suggested I apply to the part-time position with the ROM’s Visitor Services… I’ve been working at the ROM ever since, in various departments, always talking up the mummies… and other wonders like the dinosaurs or the geode-like crystals which formed in the fossilised squid’s ink sac - how cool is that?!