My First Visit!!!


My First Visit!!!


  • 1933 - 1968
  • dinosaur skull silhouette
  • Thunderbird car

The year was 1961, I was 10 and in grade 5 (or 6?). At that time our public school, Highview, in Hamilton, had a wonderful man for a Principal, Mr. Howard. This man would, over a period of a few months, load 5 or 6 kids into his brand new 1961 Thunderbird on a Saturday morning, and take us all to the Royal Ontario Museum for the day. At that time, I was a young "Paeloetoddler" and was ecstatic at the prospect of seeing my first dinosaur. It hit me like a bolt from the blue. As I recall, I'd refused to leave the gallery and all my new dinosaur friends, so Mr. Howard was kind enough to leave me there for the next two hours while he and the rest of the kids explored the other Museum treasures. (Back then, you could do that! Know why? 'Cause the kid would BE THERE when you got back!! And I was!). The ROM left a permanent mark in my impressionable young mind, and I haven't lost the least bit of interest in dinosaurs since. This is just a very small snippet about my ROM experience, and the story is probably more about a wonderful teacher, both of which have had a huge effect on my life. Thank you ROM.
And thank you Mr. Howard.
God Bless you both.
Gary Skelton
P.S. I now own my own 1965 Thunderbird