MCFS Visits the ROM


MCFS Visits the ROM


  • 2010 - now

The grade fives of the Mississauga Christian French School visited the Royal Ontario Museum to participate in the Social Studies school group program. The students and I were excited to bring our lessons to life through the ‘Les Societes Anciennes’ workshop. The students have been learning about Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China in the classroom – The ROM gave our grade fives the opportunity to see, hear, and touch various items, especially in the Hands-On galleries – that took the subjects they are currently being taught to a new level. Before our group session, we explored the Gems and Minerals Gallery on the second floor. The students especially enjoyed this gallery; the grades fives are also learning about rocks and minerals in their Science class. They were excited to see the various forms of minerals and to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their trip:

“My favorite part of the ROM is seeing the gems and minerals. Amethysts are my favorite because they are so fascinating,” – J.P. Hannah, Grade 5

“I like the information we get at the ROM, we learned about so many things.” - Hanna, Grade 5

“We saw the dinosaurs, they have really big bones. Today I learned that all dinosaurs are extinct.” – Salma Yousef , Grade 5

“Today we learned about different animals and how they live. It was really cool.” – Thomas Fanous, Grade 5.

“There are a lot of animals here that I’ve never heard about. We learned about them and the different kinds of dinosaurs.” – Mark. G, Grade 5.