Love at the ROM


Love at the ROM


  • 2010 - now
  • woman holds up a large facetted stone

Emily and Kyle met in line with hundreds of others at the architectural opening of the ROM’s crystal June 2nd 2007.  The line was long and they stood for 2 hours talking as they waited to see the new ROM.  A lot can happen in 2 hours!

It was appropriate that almost six years later, June 24th 2013, Kyle surprised Emily in the Gem and Gold room, Teck Suites of Earth Science galleries by proposing marriage. Pre-arranged by Kyle and ROM staff, a special case was used in the Gem and Gold room to place the engagement ring along with a personal message.

The ROM is thrilled to have a special place in the lives of this couple, and that the ROM could offer them this unique opportunity.  The happy couple via email states  “We would like to thank the ROM, and especially the Gems and Minerals department for making this possible.”

The ROM is happy to roll out this new and “engaging” program offering our patrons a unique way to propose marriage to your loved one. For more information, email