Life in the Biodiversity Gallery


Life in the Biodiversity Gallery


  • 1982 - 2000
  • small boy looks through magnifying glass with skeletons in the background

ROM changed my life by giving me the opportunity to volunteer at the Biodiversity Gallery. A dream come true. I got to work and meet some very talented and dedicated people and my life was made better for it. I was able to write articles for the Gallery's newsletter sharing adventures and knowledge with my co-workers. I was constantly amazed at what else there was to learn by the Gallery, the staff and the people who visited us. I became a sponge thirsty to learn new things and soon found myself going home and looking up items to enhance my talks. Learning was FUN again not only for the kids but for the grownups too. Of course, I had to try out everything myself just so I knew what I was talking about but I had so much fun, it was no hardship at all!

I remember my first shift , I was so excited and into to it that I was told to put on a vest and just dive in. It was a great first day! Every shift was a new adventure and the"kid" in me couldn't wait to get there. All my senses were charged ..did you see that..did you hear that..did you feel that..can you smell that? You needed to use them all for the full experience . I was amazed at what people were missing right in front of them. It was wonderful to see the faces when it finally "clicked" and you knew they "got it" and would remember it and take it home with them to make up their own adventures.

Where are you going to see a live working bee hive that shows you how honey is made or how bees "dance" to tell the others where the best flowers are or learn why some marine life has blue blood or what an insect sees through their eyes or how long a 10' boa constrictor really is when you can stretch it out on the floor beside you. That was always a BIG hit with both the kids and the grownups!

These are only a few of the many marvels in the Gallery's treasure trove. Everyone loves a great adventure and the BioDiversity is only one of the many within the ROM walls. All you need is your imagination and anything is possible. Our hope was that they took away the importance of looking after their environment so it would be around for many years to come. I truly believe we succeeded.

I was also given the opportunity when I was off shift to enjoy many of the other special exhibits and events. It was at one of these events I finally met my favorite artist - Robert Bateman. I would always make a trip through the Dinosaurs and stop at the totem poles that seemed to rise forever up between the stairwells, wondering to this day, how they ever got them in there?

I have many fond memoires of my time volunteering at the ROM but I am always looking for a new adventure when I get to visit again. The ROM continues to amaze and astound and inform me. If only the walls could talk, the stories they would tell!

Thank you ROM