Friday Nights


Friday Nights


  • 2000 - 2010
  • mosasaur in "old" gallery

While I was attending the University of Toronto circa 2001-2005 I took advantage of so many free-admission Friday nights. I lived on campus, and while I got along with classmates and others in the residence, most of my close friends lived in other cities and I very often didn't have social plans for the weekend.

I'd visited the museum (from out of town) several times as a child, so the first few visits were of discovery and rediscovery and taking in new sights.

After that, I started bringing reading material. Textbooks, articles, or if the schedule was lighter maybe a novel. My favourite place to read was by the dinosaur exhibit -- which hadn't changed a bit since my childhood, it appeared. Albertasaurus along one wall, a grouping of hadrosaurs. It was quieter than other spaces, well lit, and no one ever seemed to mind.