Free Rein


Free Rein


  • 1933 - 1968
  • children racing on a lawn

My first experience with the ROM was in the mid 60’s when my brother and I participated in the Saturday Morning Club.  What is interesting is I have no recollection of adults being part of our experience.  I remember having free rein of the museum galleries and it being simply great.  Now .. I know that there must have been adults (perhaps young adults) responsible for programs and activities to engage and focus our energy, however, the memories that remain for me are of freedom, beautiful mineral specimens, long hallways and a wonderful sense of independence.   Those experiences have stayed with me and have brought me back to museums over and over again and ultimately back to the ROM as its Chief Operating Officer.  What a thrill and an honour it was to serve as “my" museum’s chief operating officer.  I have a lifetime of memories and experiences that I will always cherish.  Thank you ROM and happy birthday.    Meg Beckel