First Visit to ROM


First Visit to ROM


  • 2000 - 2010

My husband, Rick, and I have made several trips to Toronto and we always stayed at the Inter-Continental Hotel on Bloor Street. On Saturday, January 19, 2002, we had a very slow Saturday morning and Rick had decided to go back to the hotel and watch a golf tournament on television. I made one of the best decisions of my life and toured the Royal Ontario Museum which was right across the street. Why I had not taken advantage of this before blows my mind.

I was overwhelmed by the size of the museum and unable to make a decision of where to visit first. I stumbled on your exhibit entitled “Papiers A La Mode Illusions of Fashion” and was blown away by the fact that the fashions on display were all made out of paper. I spent several hours closely observing each and every model. In pursuing my quest for more information, I was even more awed by the fact that the artists collaborated on the exhibit from two continents.

After completing my observation, I went to the museum store in the hopes of getting a postcard or photo of one of the pieces but disappointed that they were no longer available. Lucky for me, I have kept a printout you had available describing the exhibit which included a biographical sketch about the artists. I also got an answer to one question that had been upper most in my mind, “How do they ship each item?” The reply was that each model has its own crate. Wow!

I continue to talk about this exhibit and the amazing Royal Ontario Museum.
In gratitude,