Family tradition


Family tradition


  • 1933 - 1968
  • popcorn carts on Queen's Pk

My parents had a defined set of family activities that we would do together. One of these was visiting the Royal Ontario Museum. We used to go at least annually by subway -- taking the subway was a novel experience in itself for kids who seldom left suburbia.

In those days many exhibits were kept in wood and glass cases without much explanation but we as children always forced our parents to visit the dinosaurs, the mummies, the suits of armour, and the Chinese artifacts. We didn't much care there were limited descriptions -- we could supply our own though I imagine they weren't particularly accurate. The visit would always end with our parents buying us cotton candy or popcorn from one of the pushcart vendors outside what was the main entrance on avenue road.

Fifty years on, I am proud to have been a member and financial supporter of the ROM for decades. I wish it well as it moves into its second century.