Drawing the Egyptians


Drawing the Egyptians


  • 1968 - 1982

One of my best visits to the ROM was in the late 60s when my brother Mark and I went by ourselves by subway at 12 and 10 years old. Being out alone was an adventure. The ROM was familiar to us so we were nothing but happy and content as we moved through our favorite exhibits, especially the mummy in the back part of the Egyptian section. We lingered a long time over the many small artifacts then displayed under the rows of waist-high glass-covered vitrines, drawing many little mirrors, tools and figurines carefully in our drawing pads and I remember faithfully writing down all the label information for each. We seemed to have the rooms to ourselves, sun coming through windows as I recall. The best time with Mark, the brother closest in age to me, and who many years later emigrated first to the States and then to Sweden, so not much contact.