"Carlo" (Charles Trick Currelly) meets important people


"Carlo" (Charles Trick Currelly) meets important people


  • 1982 - 2000
  • Currelly as a young man

When I was appointed to the ROM Library in 1983, I began exploring the archives to learn about the people who had built the Museum. Among the special collections was one for the first director of the ROM of Archaeology. He was a messy man. I was told that when his secretary Miss Greenway, died unexpectedly in 1941, he was lost. Among my favourite objects in the archives box is a single notebook like an agenda. It contains scawled expenses, various drawings, packing lists, and pages of addresses from his first trip to Europe in 1902. The contacts were for people it would be useful for him to know. Especially in England, people were intrigued with the idea of helping to bring imperial culture to the young Dominion. When I look at his graduation picture, I can easily imagine how he charmed those people into helping with the beginnings of the ROM.