A Student's Perspective


A Student's Perspective


  • 1968 - 1982
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Prof. Heinrich was at the ROM 1955-62. He taught one year, 1965-66, in Regina and went on to teach 15 years, 1966 until his death, at York University.  He taught me Museum Studies during my first year, 1975-76. It was not only a wonderfully wide-ranging, but a very valuable course.

I often reflect on the quantity and quality of research and writing he demanded from us. He took us behind the scenes at all the major museums and galleries in the city. As first-year students, we would never have called him Ted, as curators and other staff members at the ROM did, when  he led us through spaces not open to the public. I think of him often and am grateful to have studied with him. There is a York University fine arts scholarship in his name.  

My study time with Prof. Heinrich remains a strong reason for me to continue to visit and support the ROM today.



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