A ROM love story


A ROM love story


  • 2000 - 2010

My fiancée, Raj, and I met through mutual friends and immediately began getting to know each other. We found that biggest thing we had in common was our love for history, so naturally we thought to go to the ROM for our first date. We met at the front doors and he was nice enough to be a gentleman and pay for my entrance (after this, we made sure to go on Tuesdays since we were poor students and it was free), and we began to explore together. What made our first trip there interesting was, although we both love history, we enjoy different aspects and time periods. I’m more into South Asian history, while he is more into Medieval Europe and Ancient Rome. Regardless, we had a great time going from exhibit to exhibit, having each piece contribute to us getting to know each other. It was this shared passion which made my fiancé consistently tell me “you have to work here someday.” I decided someday was not good enough for me, and I made it my goal to work there one day soon. I began my time there as a volunteer in the Discovery gallery. My next role was a Site Sales Rep, where I was able to share my own experiences at the ROM to get people of all ages to begin going on a regular basis as well. I then started as an assistant to the Free Programs Coordinator in the education department, one of my favourite positions, as I was able to develop and deliver a range of hands-on experiences for visitors. It was these years at the ROM that helped launch my career to great places, and it was that first date at the ROM where our lives life took a turn for the better. One great thing about the ROM is that regardless of how old an artifact is, it still can still resonate into a modern, relevant topic and help people share their own personal stories, personalities, and passions – as it did for us. Thank you to the ROM and the staff for the tremendous influence they’ve had.