Family Programs

Ancient Greece & Rome Weekend, June 15/16

Currelly Gallery, Level 1

Ancient Roman Military Demonstrations: Watch military demonstrations of ancient Rome at 12 pm.

Life in Ancient Rome

Learn about the arms and armour of ancient Rome, speak to history re-enactors, and find out what it was like to live in the time of the Roman Empire.

Gladiator Helmets

Make a gladiator helmet to prepare for ancient adventures!

Rome Gallery, Level 3

Meet the Experts

Meet ROM curators, learn about their research, and see ancient artifacts up close.


  • 11:00-1:00 Kate Cooper, Greek Pottery
  • 1:00-3:00 Paul Denis, Ancient Coins


  • 11:00-1:00 Paul Denis, Ancient Coins
  • 1:00-3:00 Kate Cooper, Greek Pottery

*speakers subject to change*

Out of the Vaults

Discover objects that ROM experts have been studying in our storerooms. Find out what we know about these ancient artifacts and what scholars still find puzzling!

Gallery Hunt

Explore our ancient Greek and Roman galleries like never before on our scavenger hunts! Gallery Hunts can be picked up at the Information Desk in Chen Court on Level 1.

Roman Amulets

Learn about bullae and lunulae, amulets worn by children in ancient Rome, then make your own lucky charm.

Rome and Near East & Byzantine Galleries, Level 3

Ancient Roman Archery

Give archery a shot, ancient Roman-style! Draw back your bowstring, and see if you can hit the target.

Make a Mosaic

Piece together your own mosaic, using tiny tesserae to create a beautiful artwork. Draw your inspiration from the ancient artifacts around you!

Archaeological Institute of America

Discover archaeological research taking place around the Mediterranean, and make a Minoan feather headdress craft.

Ancient Languages

Discover the origins of the English alphabet! Write your name in Ancient Greek and your age in Roman numerals.

Cypriot Gallery, Level 3

ROM Conservation

Learn about the structure and archaeological conservation of Roman houses, and see real artifacts including mosaic tesserae, roof tiles, and a fragment of a fresco. Can you reassemble the pieces of a reproduction fresco?

Greek Gallery, Level 3


Play the ancient game of knucklebones. You may be surprised to discover you know this game by another name!

AFCY: Emerging Youth Artist Residency at the ROM

Watch art come to life before your eyes as a resident artist from Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY) takes inspiration from Ancient Rome & Greece Weekend at the ROM!

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Currelly Gallery, Level 1

Rome Gallery, Level 3

Rome and Near East & Byzantine Galleries, Level 3

Cypriot Gallery, Level 3

Greek Gallery, Level 3


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Authored by: Kiron Mukherjee