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Family Funday: Fossil Fest

Family Funday Fossil Fest

Come along on a prehistoric journey millions of years in the making! From tiny beginnings to enormous dinosaurs, join ROM researchers and discover how fossils trace the incredible history of life on Earth.

Scientist Stories: Join palaeontologists as they read their favourite science storybooks. After each session you'll have the chance to ask these experts your burning dinosaur questions!
•    Dr. David Evans & Dr. Victoria Arbour: 11:00 AM
•    Dr. Tom Holtz & Dr. David Evans: 12:00 PM
•    Dr. Victoria Arbour & Dr. Tom Holtz: 1:00 PM 

Zuul Photo Booth: Go wild for this photo station featuring the new armoured dinosaur Zuul.

Spike-tacular Stegosaurus: Long before Zuul lived another dinosaur with a weaponized tail - Stegosaurus! Touch real fossil tail spikes and discover more about this Jurassic giant.

Zuul's Neighbours: The incredible armoured dinosaur Zuul was found in the dry, dusty badlands of Montana, but 76 million years ago that area was a warm wetland, teeming with plants and animals. Touch real fossils of animals that lived alongside Zuul.

Gorgeous Gorgosaurus: 75 million years ago, the tyrannosaur Gorgosaurus was the top predator in its territory, but it's not always easy at the top of the food chain. Find out why!

Cretaceous Community Art: What did creatures living during the Cretaceous Period look like? Let out your inner artist by adding your creation on the giant mural, and bring Zuul's home to life.

Ancient Armour: Explore human-made armour and weaponry from around the world.

Mammalian Tanks - Glyptodonts: Meet the armoured mammalian megafauna that roamed the Americas from 20 million years ago until the last Ice Age.

Skeleton Central: Put together model skeletons to bring some bones to life.

Armour Under the Sea: The evolutionary roots of body armour run deep! Discover how extinct marine invertebrates protected themselves from the predators of their times.

The Dinosaur Artist
Eaton Theatre, 2:00 pm
This lecture is suitable for ages 10 and above.
Ms. Paige Williams' new book The Dinosaur Artist will be available for sale and signing at the talk.

Date & Time

  • January 27; 11:00 am to 4:00 pm



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