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I have a 5 year old son named Robert, who simply adores anything dinosaur. He was a regular viewer of Dinosaur Train, Dino Dan and Treks Adventures. when he was 3. We made not one not two, not three, but four visits to the Ultimate Dinosaur exhibition, as he found after each visit he had to return again and again to learn more about each fossil that was on display. We paid another visit not long after the exhibition left and Robert had the pleasure of meeting his favourite palaeontologist from the dinosaur train show, Dr.Scott Samson. I was a regular visitor to the ROM when I was his age, but to be honest I can't recall being as wrapped up in my visits as my son. He enjoys everything about his visits to the ROM and gets really excited when I tell him we are going.

To conclude our story, when Robert found the Ultimate Dinosaurs had gone to Cincinnati, he wanted me to hop in the car and go visit them there. I believe a visit to Drumheller is in the works for next summer and who knows, maybe a future palaeontologist is in the works. We were just there this past weekend to see the new ceratopsian on display. So I thank you sincerely for providing a place for my son to be full of wonder. It makes me proud that there is such a place to inspire my son.