Reflecting on "Into the heart of Africa"


Reflecting on "Into the heart of Africa"


  • 1982 - 2000

Dan Rahimi revisits the exhibition, reflects on the major changes it brought about, and explains what the ROM is doing this year to balance the scales. The full catalogue is accessible from this site (see the story "Into the Heart of Africa".)


Comment by Shelley Ruth Butler

Thank you for this post. In the past Into the Heart of Africa was erased from the ROM's virtual presence. Into the Heart of Africa happened over 2 decades ago, yet it continues to be such an important case study for reflexive museology and a reminder that difficult histories and memories cannot be assumed to be shared. I often speak to university classes about the controversy and I'm impressed by their abilities to think creatively and constructively about the exhibit's problems. An in-depth account and analysis of the exhibition and the ROM can be found in my ethnography, Contested Representations: Revisiting Into the Heart of Africa. The most recent, updated edition includes a forward by Anthony Shelton, Director of the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.