Travelling Planetarium

Views from inside and outside the Travelling Planetarium

Discover the wonders of the universe in the Royal Ontario Museum's Travelling Planetarium!

A unique way to learn about the universe in an immersive learning environment! The planetarium experience is inter-disciplinary, fun, and linked to the Ontario curriculum.

The Travelling Planetarium is an inflatable dome with a digital projector that recreates the sky during different seasons & times of day from the perspective of any point on Earth. Projections include realistic stars, labelled constellations, and different cultural interpretations of the constellations (available in a variety of languages). The Travelling Planetarium can also be used to show video filmed in 360o.

Depending on the dome selected, 25 or 50 students can participate at once.  A powerful fan inflates and circulates air throughout the dome to maintain a comfortable temperature with very good air-flow. The dome is bottomless, so an immediate take-down of the planetarium is easy and fast. When not in use, the dome is packed inside a large bag.

The Travelling Planetarium can travel to anywhere in Ontario. Programs are designed to accommodate educational venues such as schools, community centres, museums, and libraries.


Watch the planetarium set-up in the video below!


Programming options:

“Deluxe” ROM Teacher Assisted Program

“Basic” Travelling Planetarium Rental


Deluxe, ROM Teacher Assisted Program

ROM Teacher, Julie Tomé, instructs a group in the Travelling Planetarium

Using the large dome, a ROM Planetarium Instructor will give up to four presentations per day at your venue for up to 50 people each. Programming can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Regular presentations complement the astronomy topics in the Ontario curriculum guidelines, and Girl Guide and Scout lessons.

Full-day booking fees start at $1500 per day. Prices vary pending on location of venue, length of rental, and time of day of program. Travelling Planetarium programs are HST exempt.


Large dome space requirements:

7 meters wide x 7 meters long and 4.1 meters high

(23’D x 13.5’H)



Basic Travelling Planetarium Rental

Planetarium packed up and ready to ship

Use the Travelling Planetarium for your own programs by borrowing the standard sized dome (up to 25 people per presentation).

To help you get started the first time you use this program, a ROM teacher will walk you through the planetarium components, set-up and the presenter's guide (including suggestions on how to teach the basics of the night sky and stories). The Basic Program is a fabulous way to raise your organization's profile and funds.

Booking fees are $1500.00 per week or $4000.00 for four weeks plus applicable training and shipping fees. Digital Planetarium programs are HST exempt.


Standard dome space requirements:

5 meters wide x 5 meters long and 3.2 meters high

(16’D x 10.5’H)


Generously supported by The Burt Family Foundation



For more information and to book the Travelling Planetarium at your location, please contact:

Beth Keleme, Travelling Programs Coordinator, Learning Department