Travelling Exhibitions

Nine pictures of different Travelling Exhibitions on display.

What is a Travelling Exhibition?

Imagine the wonder, excitement and knowledge found within our galleries, packaged in display cases and crates, which then travel all over Canada to be seen by hundreds of thousands of eager visitors. Travelling exhibitions bring the ROM’s collections, research and expertise to those institutions whose communities cannot readily visit the Museum. We circulate our travelling exhibitions to provincial museums, art galleries, and science centres. A travelling exhibition consists of display cases with objects as well as contextual information (e.g. images, maps) on panels.

Currently, the ROM has 10 travelling exhibitions in circulation. They highlight a range of subjects, from nature to art and culture from Canada and across the globe.

Travelling exhibitions fall under two categories:

1. World Cultures

2. Nature and Science

For more information about booking a travelling exhibition for your venue, please contact:
Travelling Exhibitions' Coordinator
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON
M5S 2C6

Tel: 416.586.5681
Fax: 416.586.5832

For information on special exhibitions on display at the Museum itself, please see current exhibitions.