Dinosaur Detectives

Fossils and casts from inside the Dinosaur Detectives EduKit

Explore and discover the amazing fossilized remains of the largest animals to ever walk the Earth – dinosaurs! Students will investigate: dinosaur diets, feathered dinosaurs, dinosaur growth, extinction theories, and more! They’ll even measure life-sized dinosaur tracks, and calculate the dinosaur’s size and speed! Activity Centres in this EduKit link directly to the curriculum topics below.


Eight activity centres, including: real fossilized dinosaur teeth, small bones, and droppings; replica skeletons of a pterosaur and an early bird; a replica of a T. rex wish bone; a roll-out mat of life-sized dinosaur foot prints; a real meteorite fragment; and more. Also includes photo cards, student activity booklets, and teacher’s notes.

Activity Centre Titles: 

Prehistoric Prelude
Fantastic Fossils
Dino Diets
Winged Wonders
Tracking Titans
Growing Giants
Scrambled Skeletons
The End of an Era

Teacher's Notes Preview: 

Activity Centre Preview: 



Best Grade Connections: 

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 6
Grade 7


S&T - Life Systems

Available Languages: 


Case Category: 

D - Deluxe

Case Size Information: 

79 cm x 57 cm 43 cm


70 lbs

Past Client Quotes: 

Generously sponsored by The Slaight Family Foundation


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