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Relax in the comfort of the classroom and have ROM collections and expertise come to you. EduKits are sturdy cases packed with ROM objects and lesson materials that can be rented by schools, libraries, museums (or any other educational group) for a hands-on component to student learning. Imagine getting your own ROM expert with a lesson plan in a suitcase! The ROM’s expertise and touchable objects are the foundation of each kit – making EduKit experiences unique, engaging, memorable and fun!

EduKits cover a variety of topics for various grade levels and are linked to the Ontario K-12 curriculum. Each EduKit contains objects (specimens, models, reproductions and/or accessioned objects), activity centres for student inquiry, and teacher's notes for educators.

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A - Mini

Ideal for small group or independent student inquiry, mini EduKits can be used to highlight specific points of a topic in a full class setting. Most contain between 1 - 10 objects. The cases measure 46 cm x 38 cm x 16 cm.

B - Regular

Suitable for classes of 25 - 30 students to use at once, regular EduKits usually contain between 10 - 25 objects and come in cases measuring 51 cm x 57 cm x 21 cm that are very portable.

C - Large

Suitable for classes of 25 - 30 students, large EduKits usually hold between 10 to 25 objects/artifacts; they are newer, and come in larger cases with wheels due to either a few more objects or larger objects. Most measure 60 cm x 47 cm 29 cm.

D - Deluxe

Suitable for 1 - 2 classes of 25 - 30 students. Deluxe EduKits are the largest EduKits. They have extra and/or more in-depth material and often are shipped in 2 cases. Teachers may want to rent for longer periods and/or share with other classes in the school.


Rates and Order Information

To borrow an EduKit, complete the online form or email

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, but we will make every effort to provide you with your chosen selections.


Time Mini     Regular Large  Deluxe
2 weeks $50 $90 $110 $200
4 weeks $70 $125 $145 $300
12 weeks $180 $300 $300 $500
1 school year $300 $500 $500 $650

Prices are subject to change.

Loan fees do not include shipping or HST. Shipping fees depend on your location and the EduKit size. Contact us for information on shipping fees.

A loan contract will be sent upon requesting an EduKit. Please return the signed contract promptly to ensure shipment.



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