Game: Extrasensory

an animated character stands on a tree branch to avoid a komodo dragon

Game: Extrasensory

  • Grades 2 - 10
  • Ages 6-7, 8-10, 11-14, 14+

Seek. Evade. Adapt.

The townsfolk have lost their eggs, and they need your help to find them! Journey the forest to collect the lost eggs, but watch out for ferocious predators like komodo dragons and venus flytraps.Travel to different planets to experience new challenges as each planet affects one of your senses.

The Facts Behind the Game

Nature is full of extraordinary tales of animals taking their senses to extremes (or at least, what seems extreme to humans): eagles which can see four to five times more acutely than humans; turkey vultures which can detect the smell of rotting carcasses at concentrations of only a few parts per billion in the air; sharks which can detect both electric and magnetic fields for hunting and navigation (respectively); and the extraordinary sensory abilities of bats and toothed whales which allows them to both hunt and navigate using echolocation.

The ROM Connection 

Dr. Burton Lim is the Assistant Curator of Mammalogy at the ROM and has travelled to more than 20 countries around the world while conducting his research on bats. Among other techniques and tools, Dr. Lim makes use of special bat detectors to help make the calls of bats audible to the human ear. This helps researchers locate species of bats within range of the detector.

What's a Game Jam?

At a ROM Game Jam, teams of developers spend a weekend at the ROM learning from collections and curators and using those ideas to build fun games inspired by the museum.  With only two days to research and create their games, the results can be weird, wacky, and downright wonderful!
Extrasensory was created by Elite Four.
The ROM Arcade is hosted by Last Hour Games.

Game Info

# of players: 1

Controls: Keyboard

To play:

  • Follow the "Go to the game" link and click "available online"
  • Note: requires Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera; will not run on Chrome
  • Use the W, A, and D keys to navigate to the branch and press "space" to start the game.
the extrasensory game start screen
 two animated characters converse an animated character stands in front of houses an animated character stands on a branch to avoid a komodo dragon